Xiaomi Mi6 – A serious challenge to iPhone and Galaxy S9

Xiaomi Mi6 – A serious challenge to iPhone and Galaxy S9

The new Chinese flagship Xiaomi Mi6 has become a very serious challenge to the Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9. Major brands too long rested on its laurels, and now they have to make room.  Its main advantage: low cost. Xiaomi Mi6 worth almost twice cheaper among the Apple iPhone,Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 with similar specifications.

Xiaomi Mi6 v/s Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9:

Samsung Galaxy S8 is certainly a very advanced smartphone in every way and S9 is expected to follow the trend. However, S8 had to make room in the market with the release of Xiaomi Mi6 and we are expecting Galaxy S9 to get a higher place in the market than Xiaomi, in spite of its high range, next year.

There are a number of reasons:

Cost:   Galaxy S8 and S9 costs almost twice as much Xiaomi Mi6 with the same hardware base.

Screen:  Xiaomi Mi6 has “classical” screen with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 (FullHD) with 5.15 inch diagonal. This is not enough, you can get “shovel” Mi6 Plus with a 5.7-inch 1440 × 2560 matrix (QHD).  Here Samsung Galaxy S8 is forging ahead at the expense of the large 5.8-inch, and, Galaxy S9 screen size will be 5’8”. Adding a little more, you can buy a Galaxy S8 + with a huge 6.2-inch display.  It is clear that a larger screen looks more interesting, but not all want to pay for it by almost half. Therefore Xiaomi Mi6 bet on the big screen is quite justified. In spite of the big screen of Xiaomi, Galaxy S9 still has a higher chance to displace the Xiaomi Mi6. So, the competition between Xiaomi and Galaxy S9 is quite tough.


Xiaomi has up 256 GB and 6GB RAM. For comparison, the standard Galaxy S8 has a 64 Gb of internal memory and 4 Gb RAM, this smartphone will be the main competitor, in the near future, of Samsung Galaxy S9, it will have a RAM up to 6GB. Hopefully, Galaxy S9 will make its place in the market substituting the Xiaomi Mi6. Samsung followers are eagerly waiting for the launch of Galaxy S9.

Xiaomi vs Apple iPhone

In general, Apple has a very good operating system and very high-quality well-functioning ligament “iron” and software. The same iPhone 7 has a small 4.7-inch screen with a resolution of 750 l x 1334 pixels and the “crutch” in the form Retina technology. At the same time, Xiaomi Mi6 has a sufficiently large display with a diagonal of 5.15 inches and an optimal resolution Full HD.

If we consider the battery:

Then there is Apple iPhone 7, 1960mAh battery generally faded look at the background of his successful rival China, which boasts a capacity of 3350mAh battery and fast charging Quick Charge 3.0. The Galaxy S8 will have a 4200mAh battery.


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