Why Should You Choose Eicher Pro 1049 For Your Business

Why Should You Choose Eicher Pro 1049 For Your Business

When it comes to transportation of raw materials for industries, trucks are the first vehicles which are preferred. Searching for the best suitable truck for your business in order to up your business? Eicher Pro 1049 is the commercial truck you should be looking at. The following features are the list of reasons as to why this truck must be chosen by a business.

The Performance

This truck runs on an E483 CRS engine with an emission norm of BS- IV. There are 4 cylinders. A displacement of 3298 cc is achieved along with a maximum power of 95 bhp and a maximum torque of 300 Nm. the transmission is manually operated. The clutch is of a single dry plate which is 275 mm. A 5 speed gearbox has been installed to provide the best driving experience. The fuel tank holds up to 60 litres of fuel. This vehicles promises a gradeability of 33%.

The Build

Coming to the body structure of this vehicle, it has a deck body along with a day cabin and chassis. The wheelbase is 2750 mm, the overall length is 3068 mm, and the ground clearance is 230 mm. The gross vehicle weight of the Eicher Pro is 2316 kgs and has the capacity to carry a payload of 2679 kgs.

Driver’s Comfort

Only if the driver has a comfortable seating arrangement, he can travel for a long distance. Which is why this vehicle has a manual steering. The seat can be adjusted according to the driver’s height and comfort. The steering is also tiltable which helps is providing a good grip to the driver while driving.

Safety Measures

Hydraulic brakes have been fixed in order to have a safe braking experience. The front and rear suspensions are of semi- elliptical laminated leaves. Anti- Lock braking system (ABS) has been enabled along with parking brakes. Tubeless tyres come along with the truck. Seat belts are fixed for both the driver as well as the navigator to give a safe and risk free drive.

These specifications and the features of the Eicher Pro 1049 are the reasons why a business should implement the use of this vehicle. It is very strong and sturdy and helps increase the productivity. It is capable of travelling long distances and provides excellent safety. Both the inside and the outside of the vehicle are well designed. The exteriors of this commercial truck gives a strong and rough look whereas the interiors give a comfortable look and feel. The Eicher Trucks Pricing also leads to wide acceptance in the Indian market.

There are many businesses that are responsible for healthcare facilities without which the functioning of operations or medications can be put on hold. Trucks are the only mode of transport that can reach the hospitals quickly and deliver the requirements on time.

Coming to the conclusion of this article, trucks play an important role when it comes to any industry. Fulfilling all the needs of the businesses, the Eicher Pro 1049 is the commercial truck that should be preferred.

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