What is meant by a Tea Cup Pig?

         What is meant by a Tea Cup Pig?

When you hear the name tea cup pig it feels interesting and good as they are different from normal pig breeds. The tea cup pigs are much smaller than the regular pigs and a fully grown tea cup pig has weight of 125 pounds. When these tea cup pigs are grown they will look like medium or tall dog and like dogs and cats the adaption of tea cup pigs has grown drastically.

Adapting these cute little tea cup pigs has become popular as they are not only small but they also have many advantages. I want one of these cute little pets, as they are small and cute and can fit into a tea cup. Growing pets like dogs and cats will shed their hair as these hairs can stick to the entire place and also will cause allergies. But growing a tea cup pig can avoid such problems as they won’t shed hair and the allergies can also be avoided.

When comparing the lifetime of these miniature pigs they have longer life time than dogs and cats. When growing a pig it is important to make sure that you will need the pet for very long time. The average lifetime of miniature pig is 20 years and they can live more than that. When comparing the domestic pets the pigs are more intelligent and they can also be trained easily. The owners of the miniature pigs train them to use their litter box as rest rooms.

Only a very small training is required to train them as they are very smart and can learn things quickly with less effort. These pigs have the peculiar habit of accepting the appreciation as they love to gain attention of their owners and loves gift from them. If you are thinking of buying a small pet then the tea cup pigs would be a great choice. Before adapting these pets you should clear all the issues that can occur to them. Before adapting a pig as pet then you need to do a lot of research in this regard.


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