Using a Camelbak water botttle

Using a Camelbak water botttle

Camelbak have been manufacturing water bottles for the military. They have also a range for the retail consumer. These bottles are designed for the sportsmen and women who can carry it along when on a training program. There are varieties for kids too.

What are the pluses and minuses of these bottles?

These bottles were designed with safety and hygiene in mind and uses science to avoid spill.

Custom  CamelBak Bottles can be monogrammed with names to give them a personalized feeling. Often if you are planning to gift these items, you may want to customize them with the name of the recipient. You can also order a monogrammed bottle for yourself.

Hydration bags have a downside too.

  • Cleaning and drying these bottles are not so easy. Since these bottles require regular cleaning and drying it might seem a bit daunting if you are not used to. But the steps are really easy and do not actually take as long. The steps are detailed in the website. In addition there are several forums where people ask and receive answers to. It is better to consult the website before you begin to use the bottle.
  • There are restrictions on what type of liquid to store and whether you can store them in the fridge or not. For example, the Camelbak Groove should be used only for water whereas the Podium, Podium Chill, Kids’ bottle, Better bottle can be used for milk, juice or sports drinks.


  • Carbonated drinks that let out a fizz can be stored too since there is a jet valve that automatically vents any pressure build up.
  • Bottles that have a BigBite valve can be used for carrying warm liquids but should be used with caution. Podium and Podium Chill bottles allow carrying warm liquids but too warm or too cold may distort the bottle.
  • These bottles can be cleaned by hand or in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Camelbak hydration systems that bikers on long range use have a problem with drying them. The system needs to be dried out between uses and users have figured out their own ways to do so.

A business can order custom printed Camelbak bottles that project a strong personal and corporate branding. A team from Camelbak will get in touch with the organization to decide the design that works best for them.

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