Use product bundles

Use product bundles

Your ecommerce site has a variety of features, yet doesn’t attract customers. You can use tools to enhance the site with various options. To make your site more attractive, you can use our magento product bundle.

We have products which act as tools to be installed on your site. These tools will add features to your site and make it easier to use. You can use the magento product bundle to add these customizable features to your site. Our Bundle Creator Plus is one such tool, which will make your site attractive to shoppers.

Bundle Creator Plus adds features to your site like creating bundles with a large number of products, of differing quantities, sizes and colors.

The bundle creator can create fully customized bundles, for a pre-determined category of products. It has severalimproved functionalities. It has a very flexible process to create a better shopping experience for the customer.

The bundle creator can create a bundle which allows customers to choose and then change the base color as per requirement. A customer can buy multiple quantities of one product within a bundle instead of having to shop individually for each product.

The bundle creator can give sort option on the basis of color; size and price. For example, the base product could be an A-line dress, which is available in four colors. The customer can choose a color and further sort it on the basis of price range. Size can also be a basis for narrowing down choices. For instance, if A-line dress in not available in XXL size, customer can change the dress type before checking out the bundle and without having to start over.


This is the major advantage of Bundle creator plus, a solution created by magento tool builder for your ecommerce site. It allows the bundle creator to fully customize the bundle. The large number of options are completely editable at all times. There is no locking of any feature. You can enable or disable features as per requirement.

The clients who purchased and used this tool have said that the fully editable features makes their site more attractive to shoppers. Clearance bundles are a hit with the shoppers. Not only shoppers find what they want by narrowing down their choice; they are also able to do it in a shorter period of time. It has succeeded in converting prospects to customers in several cases and helped boost sales.

The product also has excellent support from the technical team. They will tweak the product as per client requirements.

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