Train journey has become very convenient these days

Train journey has become very convenient these days

Indian Railways as we all know is one of the best railway networks in the entire world. It has kept the country well connected through many years and common people of India blindly rely on this network when it comes to travelling long distance. There are more than 19 thousand trains that connect all the major and minor cities along with towns and important junctions of this country. That is why; if someone has to reach any part of the country, they can easily travel by a train to reach their destination.

At present booking a ticket for train has become much easier than earlier. Earlier it was a hectic process when one had to stand in a never ending queue for almost a whole day to buy a travel ticket. But now, Indian Railways has a official website called IRCTC. One can log in to that website from mobile or computer and book a ticket online. One can easily check the number of trains available to their desired destinations and their proper timings. One can check the availability of seats and book a ticket on that website only. There are online wallets through which you can pay for the ticket. Not only that, one can also cancel their train tickets online if there is some kind of emergency. They only need to pay a minimum cancellation charge for this. The amount of cancellation charge varies depending on the gap in between the date of train ticket cancellation and the date of journey. The more the gap, the less is the cancellation journey.

It has also become easier to find the train coach positions.  Previously, one had to reach the station with some time in hand and then ask the information desk about the train coach position. But now things have become easier. If you are in a hurry and do not have much time after reaching the station you can get to know the train coach position early. One only needs to send their PNR number (the 10 digit number written on the upper left of the ticket) to the toll free number given by the Indian Railways and they will send the entire PNR status of the train to the passenger along with its train coach position.

To find the right train coach position for a train, one thing that a person needs to keep in mind is what the prefixes of different coaches’ stand are for. For example only S written on a coach, indicated Sleeper Class. If 2A is written on a coach, it stands for Second Air Condition and CC indicates the coach Chair Car and this way each type of coach has different prefixes so that passengers can immediately identify what they stand for. One should start searching for the coaches’ right behind the engine which is the start of the train and in most cases, the coaches are lined in order of sequence but there can be some exceptions as well.

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