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Plastic toys are injurious to health

Plastic toys are injurious to health

There has been a huge debate on which toys are better for your child. There are natural and wooden toys on one hand and plastic made or battery infused toys on the other hand. Now plastic toys are very colourful and attractive and so children are always fond of them very much. But do they do well to your child in the long run?

Well according to research, nothing is perfect for your kids. But some things are a better choice than the others. These days most of the toys which are for sale are made from any kinds of metals or plastics. Natural toys or wooden toys seem to have become nonexistent. But research says, they are any day better than plastic and collared toys. Well there are plenty of reasons to come to those conclusions also. Organic toys are at present available at shummee toys for kids and one can buy from there.

Plastic toys are very attractive in nature as they have many vibrant colours and they attract the attention of the kids easily. Some of them also are run by batteries and thus catches the fancy of a child. But that is all. The worrying part is, these toys are made from artificial things which are not at all nature friendly. Plastic when get decomposed, it can poison the soil of the earth by increasing the level of pollution. In fact, these plastic toys are made from artificial and vibrant colours so that they look bright. These paints are mainly toxic in nature and can harm the kids. Battery infused toys on the other hand has batteries in it and they run as still as the battery is alive. Once the battery is dead, so is the toy. Kids are not very good and soft to their toys. They use it very harshly and so plastic toys die an early death in their hands. Toddlers have the tendency everything in their mouth. That is why; plastic and battery toys are very harmful for them. They have toxins and other poisonous things in it which can do a lot of harm to the baby. It can cause stomach infections, damage the liver and also lead to different kinds of skin diseases later on. If you do not want to poison your child, then it is a good idea to keep them away from these artificial toys.

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Wooden toys on the other hand are made from natural wooden blocks and thus have no artificial things in it and also it does not have any toxic paints over it.  That is why; if a child puts it in their mouth they will not get affected badly. Wooden toys are also very much durable. There are better and hard material than plastics any day and can easily stand the test of time. Many widen toys which are properly made can be passed down from one generation to another. But these wooden toys can enhance the imagination of a child as they are not automatically operated. They are made from natural materials which can be easily recycled later when they are destroyed. So they are eco friendly as well.

Wooden toys can actually do well in the long run. For online baby shummee toys shopping in India one has to log into the website.