Stem cells: Know the basics

Stem cells: Know the basics

There are many who are well aware of the advancements made in the domain of medicine. A good amount of progress can be witnessed pertaining to stem cell research. According to medical experts, stem cell research currently is being used for identifying new cures to treat various types of conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, etc. It is without the doubt that their role in discovering new drugs is quite invaluable.

About stem cells

It is very much necessary to know more about stem cells. Doing some research is sure to throw up the good amount of valuable and precious advice on the web. Stem cells are considered to be the human body’s basic cells. These are rather sources belonging to other cells belonging to the different body organs. The cells’ primary role is the division of daughter cells into several numbers. Then, it is said to undergo ‘differentiation’ procedure, thus leading towards forming of structures like the brain, heart, spleen, liver, eyes, kidneys, etc.

It is their property that tends to make them quite unique and interesting. It can be assumed to be like that of a plant cell which branches out having leaves.

Where is it availed from?

Cells are often harvested by the scientist from the different body tissues. The commonly used source is considered to be the human embryo. It is possible to extract stem cells when the embryo is 3-5 days old. The embryos derived are not from any growing fetus but taken from donated eggs. The cells during this stage are derived from the adult tissues like bone marrow and fat. Besides this, it is also derived from amniotic fluid and umbilical cord blood.

Why popular interests in such cells?

The stem cells’ unique property is what is said to make them extremely useful for the purpose of research as well as to understand the occurrence of various types of diseases. It is this understanding that can help the medical specialists to discover different types of newer treatments which can efficiently and effectively treat conditions like Parkinson’s disease and cancer.

Currently, stem cell research is being conducted to treat heart disease and stroke and the results being derived are found to be quite assuring. In the near future, it is believed by the experts that the cells could be modified to treat various types of medical conditions like arthritis and type I diabetes. It is possible to grow such specialized cells within the laboratory setting, harvested as well as implanted into the diseased organs and modified into growth culture plates for reversing completing the disease.

As a matter of fact, advancements made in cell therapy is said to have brought about hope to patients in huge numbers. Stem cell therapy is sure to become the most popular factor in the future!

There have emerged numerous hospitals in the country that is offering various types of treatments to patients suffering from different types of diseases. Moreover, cost of diabetes stem cell therapy in India is much lesser than that of western countries.

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