If you are going to start your own body corporate manager, you are eligible to do it once you decide to go. All you need is how to deal with the basic information with appropriate communication is required only. So, once check yourself whether you have a caliber of maintaining good relationship between you and other people. You have to maintain a network among number of people around you. They may be number of owners from different communities. This motive is only fulfilled when you have a good knowledge on certain aspects.

Let’s see some basic knowledge to start your own body corporate 

  • Initially knowing about what is meant by a common property is
  • How to approach lots of owners in to your block.
  • Maintaining up to date insurances of the common property you taken care off.
  • You should be aware of managing body corporate accounts and all kind of financial aspects.

For example, if you want to buy any property on behalf of your owner or chairperson, you are solely responsible for that. You have to go through advocate to check the property documents are legal and also check with your advocate whether the seller has a conduct of illegal land purchases. It is your role to check it out. Consider there are Melbourne buyers advocates assist you very well while buying the property you want to own it.

Key responsibilities required for a body corporate manager

  • First and foremost thing is you have to work out on issuing bills especially to make sure that payment of fees is done. It means you have to monitor whether the fees are paid by all the owners or not. Otherwise you are solely responsible to face any legal issues arise due to the nonpayment of fees from other owners.
  • Try to handle the issue like land dealing in terms of registration aspects and any kind of settlements. Settlements in the sense you have to check with the agents settlements. Here agent will provide you the buyer those who buy the land. For example, if the owner want to shift or sell his property, then try to research on how to sell the land registry aspects  and probably settle the agents when he get the buyer for you. You can also seek the advantages of buying the land on behalf of your owner and it is possible through services like Melbourne buyers advocates service. These advocates have many years of experience to honestly buy the property and help their client in giving the best property. Moreover they will cost the fees based on your needs once fulfilled in this regard.
  • You have to capable of dealing any kind of disputes takes place between you and the owner. Some owners might be friendly but some could not. In this case, be humble and bold to deal with confidence for resolving out issues between you and owner.
  • You should have bright knowledge on arranging maintenances when occurred on the property you have undertaken from the owner. Additionally you have to be aware of conducting annual general meetings.
  • Get to know the detailed information of managing agents and tenants. For example, if the tenants have done any mistake by breaking the rules you mentioned in the agreement, then you are solely responsible to deal with them to sort out the issue.
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