Pineapple tarts and lots of flavors made with a personal touch

Pineapple tarts and lots of flavors made with a personal touch

Planning for the Chinese New Year celebration? Preparing the menu for the same day? Have you got your pineapple tarts? If not then what are you eating for? We know now that new year celebrations can be celebrated without sweets, especially tarts. At this cake shop, you will find some fresh flavors which you don’t have before. They offer so many mouth-watering sweets for all the Singaporeans. If you are a fan of Yuan Bao classic tarts then this place made your day.

New arrivals make you feel happier!

We always find something new to taste and here the dream will come true because they have chefs who are full of creativity. That’s why they always introduce new food and sweets. Currently, they have launched the new tart that is Pandan Kaya. Like this, there are so many other foods that are made up of vivid Singapore fruits and give you the fresh fragrance of sweet. At the time of celebrations in Singapore, you can get some of the selected arrivals to make it more special. This year they launched three new flavors. Flavor sweet is filled with the new taste.

They have also launched some of the new flavors such as cranberry, aromatic rose, double chocolate, chia seeds of coconut and lots more. So fill your entire Chinese New Year celebration with healthy and tasty cookies and choco chips. They have stores in Singapore and you can also find them online. They will give you so many services also for the delivery.

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