Must Know Ceiling Fan Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Must Know Ceiling Fan Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Did you also went through the tiringprocess  of comparison of the best ceiling fans and purchased a fan at the best ceiling fan price available in the market and still acquired a fan that worked pretty well for 1 or 2 seasons and then just refused to function at its best? You might feel cheated but it is not really the mistake of the supplier or the fan, it’s your mistake. The fan refuses to perform at its best because it has not been well maintained which has automatically reduced its performing abilities. So if you want to avoid any such situation which you can face with even the Best ceiling fans and want your ceiling fan to always work like a new then you have to regularly clean it and maintain it in a proper condition.

Follow these ceiling fans cleaning and maintenance tips to ensure longevity, durability and optimal performance of your ceiling fan.

Cleaning Tips

  • There are two types of dusts that can accumulate on the fans; the first kind of dust is the light dust which is not that stubborn and can be easily cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. All you need to do is to use your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment to vacuum the top and bottom of the blades.
  • The other type of dust is the thick layer of dust that is quite stubborn and can gather when you don’t clean the light dust on regular basis. You can’t really get rid of this dust using a vacuum cleaner, for this you need wipe the top and the bottom of the fan using a damp microfiber cloth. Fold the cloth over the blade and apply equal pressure on both top and bottom pulling the cloth outwards. Be gentle while doing so, or else you will end up twisting, lifting or pulling down the blades.

  • Avoid any kind of harsh cleaners while cleaning the blades and never ever use ammonia or bleach based cleaners they can damage the blades and lead to warping of the blades.
  • You can also ease the cleaning process by removing the blades from the ceiling fan, keeping them on a clean surface and then continuing with further cleaning. But while doing so you really need to be careful about the nuts and the bolts as you can’t afford to lose them.

Maintenance Tips


  • If your ceiling fan has become noisy then it means that there is a loose fitting which is causing the noise. This situation can be avoided if you keep a regular check on all the screws and fixtures or just fix them as soon as the fan starts making any kind of noise to avoid any trouble later. Following this one simple tip will make your fan run for longer years.
  • Accumulation of dust around the motor can result in the shaking of fan or the overheating of the motor. One way to prevent this from happening is to blow out the visible parts of the motor on regular basis.
  • Ceiling fans not work their best with light dimmer switches; these can limit the life of the fans. It is advisable to replace the dimmer switch with an on/off switch for optimal performance of the fan.

These are some the important tips you need to follow in order to ensure longer running life of your ceiling fans. It is also important to research about the ceiling fans before purchasing one, there are various online price comparison website that provides you with the Best Ceiling Fans at Lowest Prices.



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