Meditation – benefits and its techniques

Meditation – benefits and its techniques

Meditation is a way of training the mind of people similar to the approach of fitness to train the body. There are several meditation techniques exists and many people are not aware of the techniques. Meditating is extremely tough for people who have stated to train their mind through this approach for the first time. They will find it difficult to sit for several hours and control the mind not to think of anything. Training to have an empty and free mind is difficult for beginners. In general, the simplest way to start the practice of meditation is by concentrating only on the breath. Concentration is one among the most common ways of meditation. Meditation has several benefits to the entire body of human.Yoga-enSS-2

Common meditation techniques

Here are some of the common meditation techniques followed by most people on daily basis.

  • Concentrative meditation is a technique which involves concentrating on a particular point. This could involve watching the breath, staring at the flame of a candle or repeating a mantra or single word. In this meditation technique, people can simple refocus their awareness on a particular object each time they notice their mind wandering. Through this process, they could be able to improve concentration.
  • Mindfulness meditation is another technique which encourages people to watch wandering thoughts while they drift through their mind. The intention will be not to involve with the thoughts and judge them. Through this technique, they can see how their feelings and thoughts tend to travel in particular patterns. They can become highly aware of the tendency to judge experience over time. An inner balance is developed in the mind of people with this practice.
  • Some other common meditation approaches are cultivation of compassion and walking meditation. Walking meditation is a type of moving meditation like chi Kung and tai chi.

Benefits of meditating on daily basis

Studies have documented the following positive effects of meditation to the human’s nervous system. Meditation can lower blood pressure and improve the blood flow throughout the body. It has the ability to reduce the heart rate, perspiration, anxiety and blood cortisol levels. People who mediate on daily basis can find improvements in their body as well as mind. They can experience less stress and deeper relaxation. The ultimate advantage of meditating is the mind liberation from the attachment or bond to things that cannot be controlled by mind.

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