Make yourself a better person by joining the programs of Anasazi Foundation

Make yourself a better person by joining the programs of Anasazi Foundation

Anasazi Foundation mainly focused to conduct some of the intervention programs especially for the   youth and young adults from the age 12 to 25. And it is one of the recognized foundations all over the world. And it is very ideal and caring approach in providing the treatment. The activities takes place in the Anasazi Foundation is, it will avoid lots of problems which includes community and awareness, parenting workshops and education forums.  The foundation as inspired two international bestsellers (The Anatomy of Peace, Self-Deception and Leadership), and nominated campaign for the drug abuse prevention, and techniques for peacemaking that is used in the Middle East. The services which are included in the Anasazi foundation are

  • The person must stay for minimum 50-day and the level II is health care programs in the outdoor behavioral for young adults and youth.
  • Continuing education forums and parenting workshops
  • Special courses are offered like corporate training, youth leadership expeditions and couples retreats
  • Alcohol abuse prevention education forums and Community-based drug.


Benefits of taking part in the Anasazi Foundation:

The 50-day program conducted by the Anasazi Foundation makes families of youth to change from mild to moderate mood disorders, adjustment difficulties, attachment disorders and behavioral problems.  These would include entitlement orientations, lack of motivation, poor social skills, self-harming behaviors (eating problems, cutting, etc.), law enforcement and/or peers, relational problems with school, family, substance abuse, oppositional behaviors, bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression and other issues like lack of moral identity and self-regulation.  It is known from the independent research that the youth who takes place in the ANASAZI’s treatment in the return to in-patient care program  and the  youth who take part  in the program  of  substance abuse and chemical dependency have  completely abstain the drug usage. And the mission of this ANASAZI’s work is to help the children and parents that turn their hearts together start a new, and go through in harmony in the wilderness of the world. Lots of people have got the best experience after working with the Anasazi foundation. More number of people who took part in these programs has become a better person and they improved their relationship with their family, spouse and friends. Anasazi Foundation is one of the best places where you can feel more relaxed and can see lots of changes in you.

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