Just Convert Your Network Provider Into Best One

Just Convert Your Network Provider Into Best One

Do you need to transfer from existing network provider into new, you can opt for Vodafone. With Vodafone, you will enjoy various deals to suit your needs. You can find your phone’s unlock status through Vodafone sim. If it reads any data inside your phone, then your phone is said to have the probability of blocking condition. It is very simple to unblock it. In order to achieve it, you should contact your subscriber. You are having two options to choose from with Vodafone SIM. You can either choose a pay as plan based on the selected number of texts or data or minutes or month pay plan. If you take per month plan, the pay starts from £8 and will continue till 30 days to 12 months under Vodafone SIM only  scheme. Based on your phone type, plans will change. For example, a standard phone will use variant data lump sums and so data allocation also will vary. You can choose a pay monthly bundle and you will be provided with benefits like unlimited data and flexible upgrades from two months. There are three options under your choice of agreement in pay plan.

They are,

  • 12 months
  • 30 days
  • Pay as you go

Benefits are,

  • You can get calls, texts and email
  • Email and social media
  • Web, social media, music and video

There are three options under bundles and they are,

  • 2 GB Red Bundle
  • 5 GB Standard Bundle
  • 1 GB Standard Bundle

2 GB Red Bundle:

  • It will charge you £16.20 which was reduced from £18
  • You can enjoy 2 GB data with 4G
  • You can enjoy unlimited UK minutes
  • You can enjoy unlimited UK texts
  • There is no limit for inclusive roaming minutes and texts

1 GB Standard Bundle:

  • It will charge you £15
  • You can get 1 GB data at 4G
  • You can enjoy 1000 minutes as per UK
  • You can enjoy unlimited texts

5 GB Standard Bundle:

  • You will be charged for £17
  • You can enjoy 5 GB data at 4G
  • You can enjoy 500 UK minutes
  • There will be no roaming data

A capped monthly data allowance is possible within the package of roaming zone without involving any roaming charges.

A monthly allowance of minutes and texts are included in roaming zone. It includes calls, texts to standard and also to UK mobiles.

In each April of Year, your bundle price will increase by an amount equal to the retail price index rate which will be advertised in March of that year.

Roam More and Do Not Pay More:

Under the roaming packages, you will get unlimited minutes and multimedia messages up to 4 GB of data.

Flexible Upgrade:

With 12 month Vodafone SIM only bundle, you can upgrade to a new phone after 3 months with no hidden charges.

Unlimited UK data for two months:

You can take your SIM only deal with data test drive with unlimited using options.

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