How the time clock wizard works?

How the time clock wizard works?

It is the easy usage of the app that has been making it nice for you to get used to it when it comes to keeping a track of the employees in your office. Being free to download, this app has been the most used one in the recent times and this actually works up well in favor of those people who are willing to have the things working up for them.

The Time Clock Wizard remains the most downloaded app and in the recent times, there is also a heavy usage of it. It is easy to use and there are few things that you have to do in the app as an employer so even if you are not much computer and tech-savvy, you still can operates it well.


Have a look at the time sheet wizard of the app

It is with the help of the time sheet wizard which helps you to create the timetable about the work being done in your office at a particular duration of time. The time sheet of the app is quite impressive, easy to use and still comprehensive. You will get to see the following details about the employees the moment you click on a name:

  • Start date
  • End date (this is about the task done and the duration in which it is completed)
  • The dates for payroll as well you can see and this makes the task easier to calculate the number of the days an employee works
  • You can also add the record with the help of the add tab provided on the top of the time sheet
  • Editing a time record as per the changes that you have to make
  • Add time off helps you to keep a record of the vacation duration for which the employee remains absent
  • Time record can also be added at a later time when the employee has forgotten to clock in and on your approval, the records are going to be added

So it is in this way that the record is going to work for you!

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