First experience on the article which changed my attitude

First experience on the article which changed my attitude

When I was studying in college, there I felt some subjects were so tough and I couldn’t read it at all and complete my exams in a good way. Every time I sit to read the books I never had any interest to continue the reading. Then I started to search some story books so that I thought I could increase the learning capacity. I thought to read story book first and so automatically I will get interest to learn subject books also but I couldn’t go on anywhere to search story books so I decided to check it in a web browser.


When I was just searching the books in internet I got so many common books also some subject books also. I neglected those subject books there also. Because I know if I choose subject book there then I will start hating to learn my subject books so i preferred only story books. There I saw this book Manifestation Miracle Pdf file in the internet browser.  I don’t know what makes me to select this particular book but I was attracted to it. I downloaded that pdf file and saved it in my computer. This book contains 169 pages where each page consists of two to three proverbs and the explanation to those proverbs which will relate to the story.

Attraction towards the book:

Then i started reading this book day by day, once I returned from the college I started sitting with the book because that lines and words attracted me so well, I started telling my friends also to read that book. That book was so different whereas every book will have only words, sentences, message and moral. But first I got attracted only with the special specification in this file were this file contains the audio version presentation available below the page. Usually when people learn that will not go to their mind easily but if that is in the audio or visual format, nothing can be forgotten even if they saw 10 months back, because audio and visuals have that much powerful attraction power. So it was very easy to understand the Manifestation Miracle Pdf file when it has audio file in it. Each chapter has some characters in this audio and the file will act as a perfect one when there are so many sessions in those chapters. There it contains some highlight which gives extra attraction to the readers when they gave so much innovative dialogues and sentences which reaches the reader and attracted them. There were so many task taken place in that article that will give you so much things to think and make you to realize what life is!

More than you read an article, you will easily understand if you hear it like a song, music etc., that have a perfect audio transaction between the author and the reader. So everyone will be impressed the way he wrote and understand what he has actually said in this article.

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