Experience a real cooking feel with the cooking fever game

Experience a real cooking feel with the cooking fever game

Nowadays people engage their free time in the home by playing games through online. There are lots of websites available and that contain many interesting games. Likewise, cooking fever is an interesting game that is supported by android apps on Google play. The game is based on preparing delicious meals and desserts in a given time. Just like in your real life you need to make cookies or cupcakes to make you the customer to credit you more points. You can increase your points by using cooking fever cheats app that is available on the internet. Most youngsters and adult enjoy this game and they experience more fun over this game.

Features of cooking fever game

  • The game contains 150 ingredients and you need to cook more than 400 dishes with the given ingredients.
  • It contains 400 levels and 16 locations.
  • Every time you will find upgrades for your kitchen appliances.
  • The interior asks permission to enable some functions.
  • You can access location to provide a region in the game.
  • You can access extra location to save your progress.


Tips to earn more coins in the game

Here are some tips that will help you to earn more coins in the game. Follow these tips before start playing cooking fever game. Keep your food ready before the customers start visiting your restaurant. With the help of warmers keep your food at the correct temperature because customers do not mind consuming the food prepared before. You can earn more coins using cooking fever cheats irrespective of the food you prepared. Always upgrade your kitchen that will keep you as a top chef. Even you can revisit the levels that you scored low and again maximize your scores. After upgrading your kitchen, you will get gold stars and you will be regarded as a bonus.

To earn more coins it is most important to understand the mood of the customer as well as the facial expressions. Always it will be wise to please your customers and keep your restaurant as a favorite one. The cooking fever tool is available for free and you can use the tools to earn an unlimited amount of coins. This will give you a real experience in cooking and also help you to improve your cooking ability. The interface of the game is user-friendly that anyone can use it easily and also is 100% safe.


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