Evan Dombroski Offers Valuable Tips on Nature Photography

Evan Dombroski Offers Valuable Tips on Nature Photography

‘While cameras have been used for decades to immortalize the most important moments in history, hardly anything manages come close to the beauty of nature photography. Right from capturing a meadow in full bloom to capturing the exact moment of a lightning strike, these pictures can help preserve a slice of the sheer gorgeousness of Mother Earth. Today there are many online platforms available, which can help people to become good wildlife photographers. Expert nature photographer Evan Dombroski himself has, in fact, recently launched a website for people who wish to learn the latest tips and tricks for capturing beautiful nature shots.

The outdoors holds a number of pleasant surprises for people who are in pursuit of clicking great photographs. The wonders of the natural habitat are endless. No matter whether a person loves plants and lush greenery, or are fond of wildlife, engaging in nature photography will be ideal for them. It is among the most exciting and challenging photography genres. Here are a few tips that one must follow to take breathtaking pictures of nature:

  • Plan accordingly: Wearing the ideal dress and carrying the perfect equipment is important for nature photographs. Having a good pair of hiking shoes or boots can be of a great advantage for a nature photographer. They need to always dress appropriately for the weather. Layering can especially be a great way to stay warm, but also to cool off when needed.
  • Get familiar with the camera settings: Shooting in RAW produces the best quality photographs. One should use the lowest ISO possible when clicking a picture to bring more light to the image. It additionally is vital to adjust the shutter speed to compensate.
  • Bring the right equipment: Unless a person has an extremely steady hand or are going for the blurred effect, using a tripod will be a good idea. If they do not own a tripod, then they can choose to use a rock, tree branch or something similar to steady the camera. If no such options are available, then they need to keep their arms tight around the body and hold the camera as close to themselves as possible to get the most stabilization.
  • Use the rule of thirds: The rule of thirds is essentially a golden rule in photography. Imagine that an image is cut equally into 9 sections divided by two equal vertical and horizontal lines. Each intersecting line is where the eye usually falls. By placing the subject of the photo on the intersecting lines or in one of the squares can make for quite a dynamic click.

To acquire more pointers on nature photography, one can always explore the new photography website created by Evan Dombroski. This website aims at helping both novice and expert photographers to develop their skills in wildlife, urban, plant, and landscape photography.  This website even teaches the ways to use concepts and techniques involving abstract art and patterns to maximize photo-taking opportunities.

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