Daniel Klibanoff- Get Smart Business Solutions with Direct Marketing 

Daniel Klibanoff- Get Smart Business Solutions with Direct Marketing 

Direct marketing is no longer what it was in the past. It has evolved dramatically in the last few years, and you will find both large and small business owners are embracing it for better revenue and customer satisfaction. Direct marketing sends customized messages to the customer with product/service offers. This form of marketing is different from indirect marketing, which emphasizes establishing the business presence in the market.

Daniel Klibanoff is an entrepreneur from North Carolina and a marketing innovator from Asheville known for his knowledge in direct marketing leading to outstanding business growth. He started his data solutions company in 1982 with only 500 dollars, and today it has earned several million dollars as revenue in the market. He is currently the President and the CEO of Multimedia Lists, Inc, a prominent name in direct marketing in North Carolina at Asheville.

Types of direct marketing to help you reach out to the customers extensively 

As a business owner, you should embrace direct marketing to reach out to your customers. One of the common forms of direct marketing is email. You should have a customized message to give the customer about your product or service. The critical business message should be crisp and to the point. The letter should be evident in the subject line. The content of the mail should have well-drafted sentences to invoke the desired call-to-action desired for your product or service.

Social media marketing to reach out to the targeted customers  

The use of social media marketing for reaching out to the targeted audience helps the business to build an extensive community of loyal customers. In fact, in a survey conducted in 2018, it was found that about 55% of individuals buy a product after they have come across it on social media.

Daniel Klibanoff

Reach out to the targeted audience with display ads  

Display ads on the Internet prompt potential customers to click on your business site, and the company is charged for every click. Businesses can track returns on investment with them. An example of the above is a Facebook ad that has an option that says “click here” and “shop here.” These ads are perfect for users online. These ads are highly successful when you wish to reach out to and connect with the targeted customer on the Internet. When creating a display ad, you need to create content that invokes the customer to click on the call-to-action button in just five to ten minutes.

According to Daniel Klibanoff, these forms of direct marketing have the scope to transform your business and help you reach out to the targeted customer better. They carry custom messages that help you create suitable campaigns for the product or the service you wish to sell in the market. Moreover, direct marketing costs are much cheaper than their traditional counterparts in the market. Resorting to them gives your business the extra mile it needs for growth and success!

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