Comparing Smart Locks: Schlage vs Kwikset

Comparing Smart Locks: Schlage vs Kwikset

If you have been shopping around for smart locks, there is no doubt that you will hear two of the most popular names in the market these days – Schlage and Kwikset. These two are the most sought-after brands that you are also probably been contemplating to buy. But which of these two is the most ideal for your needs?

Nobody can really say which is better than the other because these two are the most amazing brands out there. So why don’t we go ahead and compare the benefits and the advantages of each – Schlage vs Kwikset, so that you will have a better understanding of these products? Here’s what you need to know about Schlage and Kwikset products.

Schlage Sense

If you are looking for Commercial Grade I lock, then the Schlage Sense is the best option for you. This is why it is considered as the best for home security because of its sleek design and durability. This device is durable enough to withstand hammer attacks even if you have already been using this for so many years. With that being said, the Schlage Sense has stood the test of time proving that it can withstand wear and tear.

Why buy this lock? Choose the Schlage Sense if you want to enjoy the additional benefits which include a three-year electronics warranty, it is ANSI Grade I certified, and it can detect if someone tries to use a key on your door.

Schlage vs Kwikset

Schlage Camelot

This amazing device comes with a resistive touchscreen that provides additional security. Because of its matte finish, the smidges and the fingerprints will not remain on the device’s keypad. Its lock is also built with an anti-pick feature to prevent tampering. This works with a motorized bolt that will unlock and automatically lock once the code is entered. The device is also built with an audible alarm that will automatically ring when somebody tries to open or tamper the lock.

This alarm technology can also detect movement. It has three alerts – action, tamper, and forced entry. Why buy the Schlage Camelot? It is a good investment because of its amazing alarm capabilities, it is compatible with Z-wave smart home, and offers a three-year warranty on its electronics.

Kwikset Kevo Touch-To-Open

This may look like a traditional lock, but this smart device can detect the location of your phone. So when your mobile phone is within range, you can easily unlock your front door. In fact, even without taking your phone out, it is smart enough to detect that your phone is outside or inside your home. What it does is, when your phone is inside your house, the “touch-to-open” feature will be disabled.

Why buy this lock? The Kevo Touch-To-Open can provide your locks with additional resistance from forced entry, the installation is easy, and with the use of eKeys, you would be able to track who enters and leaves your home.

Kwikset Kevo Contemporary

This is another amazing device from Kwikset. Even though it uses the same technology of the Kevo touch-to-open, it is sleeker. Just like the other model, it also works with the Bluetooth technology which will allow a touch-to-open unlocking. This device also works well with smart home products. Like other Kevo products, Kevo Contemporary also works with Alexa to lock and unlock your door.

Now that you know the difference between the Schlage and Kwikset smart locks, it would be easier for you to determine which is the most ideal for your homes. So, find more information here and buy the best for your needs.

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