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Nelson Partners – Student Housing and The Opportunities for Regular Income

Nelson Partners – Student Housing and The Opportunities for Regular Income

Student housing is becoming widely popular in the real estate market primarily because it generates a high income and is resilient to the economic downturn. Many students either study associate degrees that take two years to last or pursue an undergraduate degree that takes five years to end. They generally extend their student housing terms if they want higher education, like getting their master’s or their doctorate degrees. If you look at the duration requirements for the above college degrees, this means students are tenants for the long run.

Nelson Partners explains why it is wise to invest in student housing

Nelson Partners was founded in 2018 by Patrick Nelson, a skilled professional in the real estate market with 14 years of valuable experience under his belt. This privately-owned company specializes in the student housing industry and its property management. According to the team of experts here, many landlords who do not belong to the student housing industry have a challenging time listing their rental properties. However, this problem does not persist when it comes to student housing, as students generally stay on the property for a long time until they complete their studies.

Car spaces are not mandatory

Since most tenants live close to the college or the university, they do not have to drive a car. Some students cannot even afford a car, and this is a huge advantage for the landlord as he/she does not need to offer car space to the student.

There is no chance of you losing your income

Student housing investment according to Nelson Partners also means there are no chances of you losing your whole source of income as there will always be students occupying your property. Unlike the other forms of rental businesses, you get the chance to retain some portion of your income as there are always sufficient students staying on your property.

The biggest advantage about student apartments is that even when some students finish their studies and leave, other students remain in the property, and landlords still receive their rents. It surely is a huge advantage for owners of private properties that rent out their whole home to a family. When the family leaves, there is no income left for the landlord.

Of course, having fewer vacancies is not ideal for a landlord; however, this does not mean that you will lose your income. You still will have some income that will be generated due to the remaining students paying their rent to you.

Less delinquency over other forms of real estate

Investments come with risks, and you cannot assume that student housing is a guarantee, but it does come close to one. For instance, when you have irresponsible students who escape their financial obligations, you always have their parents to fall back on when it comes to the collection of rents.

It is not uncommon for them to sign agreements to protect your payments. However, at the same time, there are a large number of students who are responsible and pay their rents in time.

Joseph Cianciotto Underlines the Skills Needed by Modern Architects

Joseph Cianciotto Underlines the Skills Needed by Modern Architects

Each and every industry has undergone massive changes over the last couple of decades owing to the exceptional advancements made in terms of data and technology. A lot of traditional work approaches and processes have undergone modernization, thereby distributing certain time-honored methods of getting work done. These changes can be felt in the domain of architecture as well. A lot of tasks involved, right from the steps of design and drafting to rendering, have changed. Modern architects like Joseph Cianciotto need to keep pace with these changes and develop their skills accordingly.

The construction industry is growing rapidly and has plenty of job opportunities for skilled and qualified architects. The individuals having the capability to adapt to the evolving design processes and the digital landscape of the industry stand the chance of exploring the most lucrative opportunities available. Hence, all architects today like Joseph Cianciotto need to be proactive about learning and honing their technological skills. They also have to hone their soft skills, in order to impeccably fit into the collaborative work environment maintained in many companies today.

Here are a few skills that 21st-century architects need:

  • Automation: Most clients today demand prompt project completion. When project schedules get tighter, having a good understanding of what tasks can be automated and how can help boost the productivity levels of an architect. Professionals having a basic knowledge of programming concepts and algorithmic thinking can communicate efficiently with programmers, and leverage their assistance to automate certain parts of their job.
  • Coding: Architects who know coding can add great value to any project. Coding capabilities allow people to not only learn new programs quickly, but also add to the functionality and flexibility of the software. Today visual programming languages, as well as software know-how, has become imperative in the architecture field, alongside the understanding of backend of design through coding.  Such knowledge allows designers to think in a more analytical and structured manner, so as to create improved designs.
  • Data: It is widely known that buildings and structures today are being constructed with the help of variety of new systems and advanced technologies. Taking this factor into consideration, it is becoming important to translate vast amounts of data available to valuable insights and use that information to improve the performance of the buildings.

As design processes go digital and clients demand better value from their projects all architects must upgrade their skill set to stay relevant.  This implies to both budding professionals and seasonal architects like Joseph Cianciotto. In addition to the tech-associated capabilities, architects need to try to improve their communication skills as much as possible. After all, being able to communicate ideas visually, no matter whether it is through a pencil sketch or detailed electronic drawing, is an important part of the job of an architect. Architects also need commendable interpersonal and collaboration skills to be in a position to work seamlessly with their colleagues.

Scott Tominaga Discusses the Trends in the Financial Services Industry 

Scott Tominaga Discusses the Trends in the Financial Services Industry 

Financial services in recent times were majorly defined by the rapid acceleration in digitization and digital engagement. This trend was majorly boosted by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. With Market Exchanges shutting down their trading floors and moving to a remote system, personal trading apps and mobile marking transactions spiked significantly. The changes in the financial services industry impacted many across the world, including industry experts like Scott Tominaga. He has 25 years of experience in the financial services and alternative investment industry. Scott focused on keeping pace with the evolving trends in this rapidly changing industry.

A growing number of financial institutions today are putting greater emphasis on innovation and technology. The financial service industry is also shifting its attention to sustainable growth measures, largely being buoyed by a positive revenue momentum. Many finance-based organizations across the planet are today trying to explore alternative operating models, as well as evaluating emerging technologies, to enjoy a wide range of benefits.

Here are a few financial services industry trends witnessed in recent times:

  • Growing focus on digital transformation: The financial services industry is witnessing an aggressive, continued focus on digitalization, and emerging technologies are being leveraged to bring in operational efficiencies. Many of these technologies also contribute to enhancing the speed-to-market and delivering greater customer experiences. Many banks are cutting down their expenses on branches by investing in self-service digital channels.
  • Emergence of FinTech Companies:  A lot of banks today are trying to explore opportunities presented by digital technologies by partnering with FinTech companies. These partnerships allow banks to deliver tech-enabled products to their customers, while offering improved marketing, administration, and loan servicing functions for FinTech firms.
  • Creating a cognitive side to the business: As competitive forces and customer needs demand banks to adopt full-fledged digitalization, performance pressures move on to compel lenders to cut down costs and maintain healthy operating markets. AI and robotics are helping banks of today with constraints linked with new regulatory requirements and data protection laws that put pressure on their resources. Making use of technology for vital functions like regulatory compliance and anti-fraud systems allows banks to optimize their costs, while improving their operations.
  • Hyper-personalization: Consumers today are treated as individuals and not segments with the help of strong personalization efforts. Many banks allow the customers to tailor their suite of banking products as per their requirements.

Financial institutions of today are thinking strategically about their technical set up, and hence the usage of technology is likely to dominate financial industry conversations roadmaps in the coming years.  To gain better insight into the financial industry and its emerging trends, one can always seek out guidance from industry experts like Scott Tominaga.  He had started his career as a FINRA regulator and was employed for nearly 20 years in brokerage and investment management. His extensive industry experience makes him a great candidate to contact for clearing confusions about the financial services domain.

Technology Solution to Business Management in Hong Kong

Technology Solution to Business Management in Hong Kong

Business management has gone beyond where it was in the past. These days, you can even manage your business from the comfort of your home and oversee how the business is run without having to pay a visit to the brick and mortar office. Technology has simplified the process of business management these days and the technology solutions to business management are accessible to virtually everyone. Even you will never be left out of the fun. The earlier you got involved the better for you. It does not matter if you are running a small scale business, medium or large scale business; you can always easily benefit from technology to push the business forward. One of the best outlets you can trust for this purpose is none other than aCube Solutions.

What are the features that make this outlet to stand out? We will enlighten you about this in the remaining part of this write-up.

Better financial management

If you want to manage the finances of your business organization better, then it is high time you visited aCube and you will never regret it. This outlet has got everything you can ever hope for when you are looking for the perfect tool to manage every aspect of your business successfully. With the help of this outlet, you will never get it wrong at any time. You can visit to start understanding how the system works better. All the business management tools provided at this outlet are user-friendly and they are also highly flexible.

Business Management in Hong Kong

Some of the available tools offered by aCube Solutions are highlighted below:

  • General ledger
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Payable
  • Budget Planning
  • Cost Allocation
  • Account Analysis
  • Consolidation
  • Inter-company Allocation
  • Bank Reconciliation

Each of the tools highlighted above is very easy to use and you will not need any special training or education before you can successfully use any of the tools. They are reliable and you will never regret using them. You can visit to learn more about each of these tools and how each of them works.  They are all specially designed to meet the reporting and accounting requirements of your business organization.

All the tools are highly comprehensive and they are also automated. As a result, they make the operation very easy and virtually anyone can use them. Even if this is the first time you will be using any of the tools, you will not have any problem understanding how they work. For example, the Accounts Payable tool permits electronic payment that is linked to various banks so that payment processing can be done without any problem or delay whatsoever. You will also not have problem maintaining individual budgets using the tools. The tool is also highly affordable and will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Perfect Gift Items for Long Distance Travelers

Perfect Gift Items for Long Distance Travelers

Long journeys can be stressful and the stress can get you under the weather for a very long time. This is why you need to prepare properly for the journey so that you will not end up with any of the associated problems. You can reduce the stress and discomfort associated with long distance journeys by getting ready various items that can ease the pain and make life a lot more comfortable.  Some of the items to bear in mind are portable inflatable neck pillows, face masks, hand sanitizers, pens, safety goggles and so on. These items can help to reduce stress and discomfort so that you can look fresh and new by the time you reach your destination. If you reside in Hong Kong and you are looking for the best place to buy any of these items, then you should not hesitate to visit GiftU and it will turn out to be one of the best decisions you have ever made in a very long time.

So many features make this outlet to stand out from many others and we are going to enlighten you about these features in the remaining part of this write-up.

There is something for everyone

This outlet sells different categories of items that are designed to make traveling a lot more convenient and remove discomfort.  It does not matter what traveling product you need, you will not have problem finding it here at all. Anyone can shop her also, be it men or women.  You can also shop for your kids here if you want to take them along with you on the journey.  You can even buy make up kits on GiftU towards keeping yourself fresh and new during your journey. This outlet will prove to be one of the best places to visit for your journey and you will always get good value for money each time you shop here for traveling kits.

Perfect Gift Items for Long Distance Travelers

Easy access to gift items

You can present any of the items sold on this outlet to any of your friends and loved ones that are about to embark on a long distance journey. The QCY products sold here are the perfect gift items for those who are always on the road. In fact, there is a 100% assurance that they will appreciate the gift more than anything else. Despite the affordability of the various items sold here, they are still presentable and the recipient will fall in love with them at first sight.

Great customer service

One other feature that makes this outlet to stand out is the incomparable customer service provided here.  You will never have problem connecting with the customer care agents and they are ever ready to help you out of any situation you may find yourself in while shopping here.

How Gold Has Rescued Governments from Total Economic Collapse

How Gold Has Rescued Governments from Total Economic Collapse

Gold has been seen as a safe haven investment by many people for years and with good reason. The yellow Precious metal does not lose its value in ties of crises or when currencies get weaker. It does, the opposite – it gets its strength from heightened risks and crises. This has been going on for centuries. There are more contemporary scenarios where gold picked up momentum from disastrous geopolitical scenarios like when Saigon fell to Argentina’s economic woes, Venezuela’s hyperinflation and other global crisis. Gold also shown brightly during the recessions and more recently, the financial economic meltdown of 2008. Crisis situations can come in many form but you can always trust it to bail you out when you are in a financial pinch. You can sell to gold buyers to get the cash you need when you need it.

History is full of stories and examples of how gold has helped governments and ordinary citizens in desperate economic times.

Gold bought safe passage for Vietnamese refugees

After the Vietnam War, a lot of people were driven out of the country because of a crippled economy, an uncertain government dispensation and discrimination. Most people left by sea but to procure passage from smugglers who would demand payment in gold. An adult would have to pay 10-12 taels of 24k gold (1 tael equals 1.2 troy ounce). This form of payment was acceptable because the Vietnamese currency was not worth much however, gold could be sold anywhere in the world.

Gold used to settle external debt for South Korea 

South Korea found itself dragged down by the Asian financial crisis of 1997. It sank the markets, triggered a banking and a currency crisis and almost pushed the country to bankruptcy. The government turned to the International monetary Fund for a bail-out to stop the country’s economy from freefalling. South Korea, which has always been known as Asia’s economic tiger was experiencing its toughest times ever.The nation took it a step further by launching a campaign to collect gold to help pay the country’s foreign debts. For four months, South Korea managed to collect 227 tons of gold. The gold collection involved 3.5 million Korean households and raised $2.13 billion. The gold collection drive enabled the country to honor its IMF debt three years ahead of the scheduled date.

Gold keeps coming to the rescue during hyperinflation and currency devaluation in South America

Argentina, which happens to be the third largest country in South America has had its fair-share of hyperinflation, currency devaluation, and stagnation. This was not new for Argentinians who have become accustomed to living through economic crises. There was the hyperinflation of ’89, the economic crisis of 2002. Each time,  the country experiences the rapid loss of confidence in its currency. For instance, in 1989 the price of consumer goods rose to 5000% and in 2001/2002 the Argentinian peso lost three-quarters of its value. However, this last one was drawn out and caused widespread panic in South American countries. Argentinians were barred from buying other currencies like the U.S dollar but instead they turned to the one commodity that any country facing the problems it faced would do – they turned towards gold. Venezuela experienced the same problem and to cope individuals flocked to gold buyers to sell their gold jewellery and other gold products to supplement what little they were earning.

The examples above illustrate how powerful gold can be in times of economic crises. Gold is a currency that is not affected by the demise of individual country’s demise. It is universally accepted and is a currency that is portable and highly liquid.

Industrial Air Filtration System: Maintenance and Replacement

Industrial Air Filtration System: Maintenance and Replacement

You will know that your industrial filtration system is clean if all of its components are clean. And this can only be achieved if they are properly maintained and given regular attention. Even though it is easy to find parts for your industrial filtration technologies Australia, you and your team must know how to keep it. If this is what you are looking for, here are some tips that can help with your filtration system maintenance.

Check Your Filtration System Every Month

For your monthly air filtration monitoring, you must check the saturation of the filter elements. It can help prevent microbial growth. You should also check for any tears and damages of the filter bags and the seals. It is also essential that you monitor the differential pressure as well as the reading and records during the operating hours.

Replacing Filters

There are certain instances when you must consider replacing the filters with a new one. First, replacement is vital when there is visible damage or leak. Also if the filter is saturated or when the terminal resistance has been reached as per supplier. A replacement is also crucial when you reach the end of spring or the summer months, and autumn or the pollen season.

When replacing filters, here are some tips that you should take note of:

  • Make sure that you wear protective clothing.
  • Keep any spare filters in its original packaging.
  • Pack the used filters properly.
  • Clean and replace the damaged parts.
  • Ensure that the new filter fits.
  • Take note of the date of the replacement, the resistance reading of the new one, the due date of the replacement, as well as the name of the person who replaced the filters.

Proper Disposal of Used Filters

You have to remember that when replacing old or damaged filters, it should be appropriately disposed of. It contains very harmful toxins and pathogens that can be harmful to the body. So it should be considered as chemical waste. Some filters can be disposed of with the industrial wastes where it is usually surrendered to a waste incineration plant.

Any issues with the industrial air filtration system can be traced down to poor installation or maintenance. These two are the most common reasons why you are not getting the most out of your filtration system. It will not only be costly to repair or replace, but it can also cause harm to the body. So from start to finish, until the maintenance and replacement, you can either be hands-on or have someone that you can trust monitor the process for you. Always remember that you and your team need clean and fresh air to promote productivity and comfort in the workplace.

Outsource Cleaners or Employ? Which Is Better?

Outsource Cleaners or Employ? Which Is Better?

Office cleaning requires maximum care because there are valuables such as computers and other delicate equipment. The employed cleaners might not have the right skill to handle the equipment. Therefore, there is a need for commercial office cleaning Melbourne, who is highly trained to provide high-quality cleaning services. Having a qualified cleaner means that you will have our office thoroughly cleaned, your equipment protected. A private office with minimum activities can be cleaned a week thrice because no much activities are going on. On the other side, a bustling office with many events going on requiredaily cleaning and dusting to ensure that people do not contract flu. The office also needs to be cleaned with the right detergents to clean and kill germs. A clean environment is one of the requirements of an office. Since maintaining a full-time cleaning team could be expensive and unnecessary in some cases, outsourcing such services is the best deal.

Affordable Rates

 It is very affordable to outsource cleaning services than employ fulltime cleaners. Have you ever wondered why cleaners are paid even when they are on holidays? Because they sign a contract with the company to work full time. However, with outsourced cleaners, payment is only made when the job is done. There is no cost incurred when the cleaners are not on site. With the team of outsourced cleaners, it is possible to save a few coins for the business, which means more income. What does more income mean? It implies growth because when the revenue is ploughed back to business, it could bring more profit. How beautiful it is to see your business grow simply because you cut the cost of hiring full-time cleaners and decided to get the services from commercial office cleaning Melbourne to clean your office whenever needed.

commercial office cleaning Melbourne

No obligations to employees

Employees come with an added responsibility to the company which the company must take to be on the safe side of the law. For instance, if you employ cleaners, you will be required to buy protective gears for cleaners who clean the most delicate areas such as windows. You must also provide the cleaners with accessories such as gloves and protective footwear to those who clean the areas like toilets. Never forget that you could be forced to cater to their food allowances. All these costs can be avoided when you outsource cleaners to handle the job for you. These cleaners are equipped with all the requirements such as the uniform, the cleaning equipment, the protective wearables, and so on. Besides, they will not need space in your office to keep their cleaning equipment. Once they are done cleaning, they leave your office sparkling and proceed to their next job.

Spring Water Supplier: Many Services, One Supplier

Spring Water Supplier: Many Services, One Supplier

Due to the increase in environmental pollution and environmental risks, people are increasingly taking care of their health and fitness. They always prefer a clean and safe option for their family. Since water is life, it is the most important component of our body, so it must be clean and free from contamination. Municipal water is generally contaminated with industrial and agricultural wastes. This created a public trend towards spring water.

Natural spring water is the purest form of water with a great flavor, so more and more people choose this option. The increased demand for spring water has led to the creation of many companies and suppliers that deliver this clean water directly to your door. These big springs water supplier providers provide many services from pumping to home delivery.

 To create a spring water company, you must follow a series of steps:

  • First, you should look for a source of natural spring water. They are located in remote areas away from residential areas. Once established, you must rent the right of the owner to pump water.
  • After selecting a source, you must create an industry for water collection, treatment and packaging. The pumped water is packaged in bottles, so for this you must configure the mechanism correctly. Before bottling the water, compliance with all industry standards is verified.
  • Now you have to decide where to deliver. You have two options. You can do it for retail sale or directly at home and in offices. Home delivery requires effective marketing of your products.
  • For delivery purposes, you must maintain an efficient transportation system so you can do it on time. In addition, reliable staff is very important to deliver satisfactory results to their customers without any kind of deception in quality and quantity.

From the customer’s perspective, you have to deal with certain things when choosing a spring water supplier. Compare between local and national suppliers because the cost of transportation can greatly affect the cost of the bottles. If there is any service available in local areas, do it alone. Don’t trust big names, because sometimes big names offer worse services. They take more vacations and sometimes compromise quality. Companies often change their packaging and add new features from time to time, so are sure to get the latest packaged bottles.

Suppliers deliver freshly filled bottles to your door and collect the empty ones. You can arrange delivery at any time when your services are all day. Transportation, packaging, processing, and delivery: these are many services provided by a provider. They even have online services, so you can place an order online and get delivery. They also provide services in marriage, birthdays and other parties.

Some people believe that these bottles cause environmental pollution because they are not biodegradable waste. But don’t worry, because these companies recycle used bottles. These are 3-5 gallon water bottles that can be disinfected, sterilized and repackaged for home and office delivery. Therefore, this option, together with safety, is also ecological.


Spring water was very rare to find a source, and one could enjoy its purity in high mountains and hills. It was very difficult to get there, but now, thanks to the spring water providers, you can get the best and safest water for your family every day. Make your family happy and healthy.

Deal Management Platform: Effective Methods to Improve Your Business Sales

Deal Management Platform: Effective Methods to Improve Your Business Sales

Deal Management is a system or tool that enable companies or organizations the ability to expound deal functionalities and capabilities that includes the client’s history, product’s reputation, and level and business process restrictions. With the help of deal management, businesses can optimize and maximize their company’s margins, revenues, the return of investments, and market share.

To give you a simple scenario, a visual indicator has the ability to upgrade the current condition of a certain business by using deal management tools to help the company’s manpower to compare the previous deal to the current sales of the company. Visual indicators can suggest products, or give manifestation that a current product’s discount does not comply with the usual value. Proving this kind of information to the manpower, deal management tool will play its role to drastically expedite the deal momentum by tossing out hindrances such as manual approvals. It also boosts up the profitability by upgrading the opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell certain products.

For more information about this powerful tool, visit docyard management platform here.

Deal Management Platform and Its Capabilities 

Below are the different capabilities of deal management platform that will help to improve your business sales:

  • Access Deal Ratings: It displays graphs, charts, and virtual indicators on how current sales or deals rates are aligned on the company’s goals and objectives
  • Visibility and Efficiency: Real-time approvals for a certain deal and see how these approvals will change depending on the parameters
  • Multiple Criteria: It calculates the required levels for the deals
  • Price Management: Displays the real-time changes of the price and its metrics
  • Compatibility: Collaboration with third-party engines such as additional systems or tools.

Business Sales

Effective Methods to Improve Your Business Sales

Below are the effective methods your company should maintain in order to increase your business sales in a more leverage outcome:

  • Consistency: It’s given that the most common objective of a business’ sales manpower is making sure that they need to close deals for their company. The safe method to achieve this is to be different because an individual has their own capabilities and styles. When it comes to consistency, an individual should follow a certain desired deal parameters such as product restrictions, discount levels that were set by the company to give approvals when conflicts may start to rise.
  • Increase Visibility: Manage the time as possible as you can. Remember, the longer the sales term, the lower the number of deals can be made. When a certain deal gets delayed, it becomes a burden to the manpower to decide what could be the necessary actions that are needed to make a continuous deal. With the help of Deal Management Platform, it increases the deal’s visibility and making it easier for the manpower to provide preventive measures and procedures to track the deal accurately.
  • Always Connected: Continuous and sustained connection is important in the business world. An individual has the ability to get updates and be ready for any ongoing events that may happen during the duration of the deal. Moreover having a sustained connection is vital for every business out there, because deals are working 24/7, regardless of the manpower’s current time-zone, a deal should be monitored from time to time. That’s why the deal management platform was developed in order for the business to access the needed information anytime and anywhere in order to keep the sales moving on an upward position.