Best Ideas For Writing Tests To Give Content Writers

Best Ideas For Writing Tests To Give Content Writers

Only single job interview can’t differentiate a good writer from bad. Only a written test will prove which the best-suited candidate is and has the right skill set to do content writing job. There’s an enormous difference between a good and a bad writer.

Good writers have the knack of being agile; have fast thinking machines that can put their insights on paper at a reliable pace. The bad writers more often than not offer confusing and murky content and are inconsistent with writing. To be sure that you have the right candidate for the content writing job, you must consider written test questions for content writer job.

Here are some of the things which you should consider including on content writing test to hire the best.

  1. Create A Google Scavenger Hunt: To hire a good content writer, it’s important to test his researching skills. This will test his speed to do web research. Give the candidates who appeared for this test some 5-7 questions that they have to answer by doing general research. This will also help you show what your writers consider to be a reliable source.
  2. Writing Prompt: Give the candidates a similar writing task to the type of writing you’re expecting. In response ask them to write a 300-500 words article with the same guidelines. This will help you find out how your writers will respond and how confident are they to take up this job and nail it. This feature in your test will easily help you figure out the best of writers among the applied applicants. Thus you can hire the best.
  3. Let Them Point Out mistakes: Give each applied applicant a sample editing task. This will help you know whether the writers who have applied are capable of pointing out errors or mistakes. This will help you know that these mistakes will certainly not be made by writers when they will be assigned a task to write.
  4. Make Them Rewrite Headlines: Penning down a short and attention grabbing headlines is a vital cog or skill for content writers. Give the applied candidates with 5-7 uninteresting, long or clunky headlines and give them a task to rewrite it. By doing this you will be able to know their headline writing skills and will be able to figure out whether the writer is aware of the basic technique of writing a strong headline or not.
  5. Give Them A Stipulated Time: Respecting deadlines is one of the most import aspects of content writing so the task that you give them, also give them a strict deadline to finish that task. That way you will know who all can complete an assigned job on time or not.
  6. Fill In The BlackTest: This test will help you know whether your writer can differentiate between the commonly mixed words like “you’re” or “your” with a simple fill in the blanks test. With this test, you will know about the writer’s ability to match the correct word. This test will ensure you that your writers won’t make such mistakes.

You can use some of all the above-mentioned techniques to hire the best candidate for the job.

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