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Kavan Choksi on Cash Accounting Vs Accrual Accounting

Kavan Choksi on Cash Accounting Vs Accrual Accounting

If you are a new business owner, you have already addressed several challenges about your company operations. However, one of the other challenges you need to make is deciding whether you should opt for cash accounting or accrual accounting. This choice will actually impact all your decisions, from tax filing to financial reports. Before you make a choice, you need to understand what both of them mean before you can choose one for the benefit of your company.

Kavan Choksi is aneminent businessman with entrepreneurship and financial management expert. Besides business, he is fond of travel and photography. According to him, the difference between these two accounting methods is the timing of the transactions. In cash accounting, the income and the expense only get calculated when the money switches hands. For instance, when the customer pays for the products or the supplies. The accrual method refers to the income that is gained when the work is done, and the expenses or supplies have been acquired irrespective of when this money has been exchanged.


For instance, you can take the example of a contractor who finishes a job worth $10,000 in July. However, he is not paid till August. With cash, he would have recorded the income in August, when he got the payment, but with the accrual method, he would have recorded the payment in July, when he sent the invoice for the work.

Pros and cons

The biggest benefit of using cash methods for your business is that it is simple. You know the true picture of how much cash your business has. The only problem you face is that it will show you incorrect profits and losses every month. Take the above example of the contractor only, say he spend $2000 out of the $10000 job, so the income report of July will show a negative sum of $2000 while the income record for August will display a profit of $10,000. So, in one way, cash accounting does not show you a true picture of the company’s net revenue.

In the case of accrual accounting, you will find the opposite is true. So, both the income and the expense for this service or job are recorded as the work is done. This gives you a true picture of the profit margins your company enjoys. It is simple for you to check the expected payments along the road. The only disadvantage of the accrual method is that you have to pay attention to the cash flow. You might have many invoices in thousands of dollars; however, your bank account might be empty when you wait for customers to pay you.

Kavan Choksi states that when you wait for your customers to make your payments with the above method, you must ensure that your organization’s payment collection process is well-structured. Your bookkeeper needs to review all the unpaid invoices of your company at the year-end and write off any determined amount as uncollectible for you to avoid paying income taxes. In case you neglect this, you will land up paying taxes on payments that you have not collected (your income).

AccessiBe Shares Some Important Insights About Web Accessibility

AccessiBe Shares Some Important Insights About Web Accessibility

The expansion of the concept of User Experience has given prominence to a number of innovative and important practices that help in making the online experience and navigation smoother and hassle-free. One of the most important elements that have evolved is the factor of accessibility. According to W3C, accessibility implies to websites, tools, and technologies that are designed and developed in a manner that people with disabilities can use them.  Companies like AccessiBe have come up in the recent years that provide affordable and easy solutions to smaller businesses to make their ADA compliant websites.  They have helped over 100,000 websites, including the ones belonging to large enterprises and ecommerce firms.

About one-fifth of the population of the planet has a disability and hence struggle to avail access to the same solutions and products that people without disabilities have. Many web designers, copywriters and developers end up creating barriers for people with disabilities by focusing more on aesthetics than accessibility.  Accessibility implies to the situation where all people can perceive, understand, navigate, interact with the web, as well as contribute to it. Web access, in many ways, is an umbrella term that encompasses all the disabilities that can impact navigation on web in regards to auditory, cognitive-motor, neurological, speech and visual aspects.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines or WCAG has been created to guide people on the code, tools and technologies they need to make web products more accessible. This guideline is internationally recognized and has principles that put emphasis on making web content perceivable, operable, understandable and robust. The WCAG 2.0 is organized in three different levels:

  • Level A: the most basic Web accessibility features
  • Level AA: the most common barriers for disabled individuals
  • Level AAA: the highest level of accessibility

Even level A is just the beginning. Most large companies should try their best to embrace at least level AA on their website. Level AAA is the stage that all web products must achieve in the future. AccessiBe is a popular company that leverages two applications that together achieve compliance: the interface and AI-powered processes. Their interface has a session-based design and UI adjustment tool that makes accessibility modifications based on the individual needs of users. All adjustments are compliant with WCAG 2.1 AA & AAA requirements. The AI machine learning technology uses by the company enables contextual understanding and computer vision for addressing complex, back-end requirements needed for screen reader and keyboard navigation adjustments. Their AI engine additionally remediates HTML accessibility issues of website, as well as functionality and behavior. This makes the solution comprehensive and cost-efficient. This solution works with all browsers.  It is a session-based tool that adjusts the website on the fly after it has been fully loaded and rendered.  Ultimately, there will be no difference in browsing experience for someone who has not activated any accessibility features. Details about this technology can be found online.

Ashwin Khubchandani – What Factors Should Street Photographers Consider When Selecting a Camera?

Ashwin Khubchandani – What Factors Should Street Photographers Consider When Selecting a Camera?

Most professional photographers find street photography one of the most rewarding sub-categories of photography. They strive totake captivating photographs documenting people who go about their daily lives in urban settings. However, taking such exciting pictures of these individuals with attracting unnecessary attention is never easy for them. The photographers need to be hardworking, patient, and bold enough to approach and take photographs of strangers. They alsoneed to learn how to respond quickly and react instinctively to get the best photos to mesmerize their audience. Above all, they should know how to select and buy the right camera equipment.

Ashwin Khubchandani is a prominent travel photographer from Americawhose expertise is in street photography. He has the privilege of visiting more than 60 countries around the world. He has an elite clientele who finances all his journeys.He takes pictures of exotic destinations and landmarks they love to see during these trips. However, he loves re-visiting Hong Kong, a second home after the United States. The vibrant city’s prominent landmarks, people, and cuisine never fails to captivate him. He also considers himself among the few lucky people who can turn their passion into a lucrative profession.

According to him, street photographers can choose from a wide range of point-to-shoot, rangefinder, mirrorless, or digital single-lens reflex cameras in the market.Each of these camerashas its unique specializations and features. However, they should consider the following factors when selecting the right one for their specific needs:

travel photographer

  • Camera size

Photographers specializing in street photography need to be discreet and blend in with the crowd. They find a small, compact, and portable camera like the rangefinder version more comfortable to carry than digital single-lens reflex (DSLN).These cameras have uniqueshutters that do not emit a loud noise, unlike DSLN ones. The cameras also have a large viewfinder, allowing the photographers to set the appropriate frame guidelines.

  • Lens

The lensis a critical component in any camera because it influences the photographers’ quality of snapshots. It should enable them to take photos of individuals in a particular frame without their knowledge.Street photographers will want the type of lens which provides a broad view range. They only have to adjust field depths, zone focusing, and focal length for specific aperture/distance combinations.

  • ISO

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a feature that adjusts the camera’s sensitivity to various kinds of light. Street photographers often need to alter a camera’s ISO settings to get a good photograph.When taking pictures in well-lit scenarios, they have to reduce the ISO settings to the camera’s image sensor receiving the exact amount of light. Similarly, they increased the ISO modules when taking photos in areas with dimlight.

According to Ashwin Khubchandani, street photographers often have to take photos spontaneously whenever they get the opportunity. They need a compact camera with a lens having broad view range capabilities and necessary ISO settings. It should be portable enough to carry wherever they go and within their budget. Then, they can get value for money.

Marc Accetta and the Power of Effective Communication for Network Marketing

Marc Accetta and the Power of Effective Communication for Network Marketing

Network marketing is often a challenging arena for most men and women. Most of them give up quickly as they hardly know the secrets of how to communicate with the targeted audience effectively. Some, by mistake, resort to aggressive selling techniques, which makes them lose the deal and the customer. If you are ready and keen to master the art of network marketing, ensure you learn practical communication skills for success!

Marc Accetta is an inspirational figure for network marketing and direct sales. He is a successful professional and hosts several seminars regularly to help people master network marketing and become successful professionals. According to him, the art of network marketing begins and ends with effective verbal and non-verbal communication. You need to dress appropriately and have the correct body language and words to connect with the potential customer and convert them into loyal buyers.

Work on yourself 

Presentation skills are the first thing you should master. You should be fluent and well-versed with the product you wish to sell. To be good with your presentation skills, you must prepare and practice. This helps you get the confidence you need to effectively communicate the pros of the product you are selling to the targeted audience.

When you are presenting the product’s pros, you should make a list of the common FAQs that a customer can ask you. Likewise, you must be ready with the answers so that you can professionally create a positive image on their minds. Communication skills entail soft skills where both speaking and listening have equal value. 

Focus on tone, pace, and intonation 

Tone, pace, and intonation are often overlooked in the selling process. Remember, your potential customer is human, and you need to establish a personal connection with the product you are professionally selling. You need to highlight the right points at the correct places so that the customer is convinced that the product will give them value for money. In the beginning, you might find this challenging; however, practice is the key to creating a positive impression where you can effectively reach out to the potential customer and convert a lead into sales.

The pace should be clear and straightforward to understand 

The pace should be simple enough to follow so that the potential customer understands every word you say. Listening is essential as you gauge the flow of the conversation and can address any doubts or questions your customer might have when it comes to selling the product.

Last but not least, according to Marc Accetta, it is prudent to rope in a mentor for guidance if you are new to the field of network marketing. Your mentor will train you for success, which boosts your confidence levels to a considerable extent. When it comes to network marketing, keep an open mind for learning and improvement. Success will undoubtedly come your way if you follow the right path to it, as elaborated here.

eTargetMedia Reviews- An Overview of The Ideal Email Marketing Campaign

eTargetMedia Reviews- An Overview of The Ideal Email Marketing Campaign

The business must organize a team and gather leads in any email marketing campaign. The success of the email marketing campaign depends upon how it is distributed. Several email marketing campaigns fail primarily because the emails that have been sent have content that does resonate with the targeted market at all.

eTargetMedia Reviews- getting the success you deserve from your email marketing campaigns 

eTargetMedia has been a leading name in the USA for more than 20 years. It gathers favorable reviews from its clients and now holds the top spot for its category in the top 50 for Data Card Quality by Nextmark. Today, the Company offers its clients complete creative solutions to trigger results, establish their business brand, enhance sales, and optimize returns on investments. If one reads the eTargetMedia Reviews online, they will find customers are delighted with the professionalism and the quality of services the Company offers.

The expert team here is dedicated to excellence with consistent support and services for enhancing and developing the marketing presence of their clients in the market. Their full-service creative solutions cover the design of branded HTML email messages, responsive email design, HTML email programming, programming, design, and development of landing pages and website design.

Making your email marketing campaign a success 

When it comes to your email marketing campaign, you should always pay attention to the small details. Most companies overlook this, which is why most of their campaigns fail miserably. The professionals at eTargetMedia suggest the following to make any business email marketing campaign a success-

  1. Less is always more– This might seem to be a cliché; however, for email marketing campaigns, less is always more. Imagine this scenario where a person clicks to open an email with a marketing message and sees too much color, copy, images, and slogans. They will become confused and do not know where to begin from. If you focus on any email marketing campaign, always remember to keep content short and sweet. Only include those details that readers will find engaging and exciting.
  1. Simplify the technical stuff -When it comes to the products and services that a company sells, the content in the email should be straightforward for people to understand. If you market the technical stuff, people will not be able to understand them clearly, so the email’s primary goal will be defeated.
  1. The “from” field should be personalized- Invest time to make a sender name representing the Company or the individual sending the email. Many recipients will find the no-reply option at the start of the “from” field to be a complete turn-off.

When it comes to email marketing, keep the above factors in mind. The experts of eTargetmedia ensure that you will get a better response from your recipients with them. They provide marketing success with practical and straightforward tips. When you read the eTargetmedia Reviews online, you will find their clients are happy with their solutions, which is why they are popular today!

Harvey Shapiro Boston Talks About the Importance of Playing Sports

Harvey Shapiro Boston Talks About the Importance of Playing Sports

Participation in sports has a major positive role to play in the well-being and good health of people. Individuals generally play sports for a variety of health associated, and even social reasons. All of these factors can contribute to the experience of leading a fit and healthy life. Harvey Shapiro Boston, for instance, loves spending time with his grandsons, as well as playing basketball. Sports can be extremely fun when played with family and friends. There are many sports that can be played by the whole family, basketball being one of them.

Getting regular exercise is pretty vital for the overall good health of all individuals, regardless of their age. Physical activities can help in reducing the risk of numerous health problems, such as stroke, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, as well as joint pain related to being overweight. On the whole, taking part in sport can help people feel fitter, healthier and mentally strong.

Here are some of the top advantages of engaging in sports:

  • Better sleep: Exercise and sports tend to trigger chemicals into the brain that makes people feel relaxed and happier.  Participating in any sport that is truly enjoyed by a person will give them a much-needed opportunity to truly unwind and away from daily mental stress, while also improving the fitness levels. An improved mental state can positively influence the sleep quality of a person. Moreover, by playing outdoor sports, one can benefit from the fresh air, which is known to promote a good night’s sleep.
  • A strong heart: Heart is an important muscle that requires frequent exercise to stay healthy and fit.  A healthy heart can be effective in pumping blood efficiently around the body. The performance of the heart will improve when it is challenged regularly with exercise.  Stronger hearts can subsequently improve the overall health and well-being of a person.
  • Build social connections: Sports often brings together a mix of people who belong to diverse religions, backgrounds, communities and beliefs. It can provide people with opportunities to meet people with whom they might not interact with in their day to day lives. Playing sports like golf, at times, even allow people to come across new career and business opportunities.
  • Improved lung function: Taking part in sports regularly causes more oxygen to be drawn into the body, which helps in increasing lung capacity, function and efficiency.

There is a correlation between remaining active later in life and playing a sport in middle age. Middle aged is more likely to stay active if they are doing something they enjoy, no matter whether it is playing basketball or going for a trek. Harvey Shapiro Boston, for example, loved both of those activities and enjoyed taking part in them whenever possible. One of the most positive aspects of playing sports is that it often makes people more accountable for their fitness regime and ensures that they are less likely to miss a workout.

Robert Nico Martinelli – Getting the Best Form for Cross Country Running

Robert Nico Martinelli – Getting the Best Form for Cross Country Running

If you are into cross country running or are willing to experience it, you should be prepared. These events are held in muddy and cold fields located in remote areas. You should travel to the course both mentally and physically ready for the event. It is prudent to always bring in spare footwear and clothing. You should also bring in adequate drink and food. Make sure you have your toilet roll ready for obvious reasons and a black bin liner for any muddy or wet kit.

Robert Nico Martinelli – Focus on effort and not the pace  

Robert Nico Martinelli is a freshman and a cross country and tracks and field runner at Concord -Carlisle High School. He has earned the High Honor Roll in grades 11 and 12. He is interested in basketball and is a member of the Big Red Men’s track & field team.

Enjoy the beauty of cross country running

According to him, the biggest beauty of cross-country running is it involves racing in a pure form. Here, do not focus on the time as it is irrelevant. Here, you are trying to beat your other opponents in the race. You should gauge the race on the efforts you put in as opposed to the pace. The pace can differ hugely depending upon the course terrain and race tactics. So, here, you need to ditch the GPS and learn how to feel the run.

Robert Nico Martinelli

Running on the hills

Most runners make one mistake – they become easy in form when they ascend a hill. However, the best runners run hard, even at the top of the hill, for breaking their opponents. This is not a simple task for most runners to do. The blood lactate and the body fatigue levels are quite high in this case. However, you can work any hill to your advantage and stay ahead in the race.

The same logic also applies when you are running downhill. You have the natural instinct of running down a hill with your body leaning back, as this allows you to apply the brakes. However, do not do this. You should lean forwards and, if possible, use the hill’s momentum to your advantage.

Your starting position

Your team or club might be assigned a specific starting position in some races. This, of course, is not in your control. However, if this does not apply to you, consider the starting position for the cross-country race. Some racecourses narrow down fast or have sharp bends right after the start. Robert Nico Martinelli recommends that you should avoid being “boxed” in or squeezed in at the first turn. You must determine where you should get the clearest run on the starting line.

Last but not least, be prepared for a fast start during the cross-country race. Once the burst is over, the race settles down, and it can be challenging for your body. You tend to become slow and tired towards the end of the race. In order to prepare yourself, ensure you replicate this fast start during your training sessions.

Bruce Weber – Qualities of a Good Fashion Photographer

Bruce Weber – Qualities of a Good Fashion Photographer

Fashion houses and magazines across the world are looking for talented photographers for their print ad campaigns. Today, fashion photography is highly in demand, and it is one of the most profitable areas in the world of photography across the world today. 

Bruce Weber – Becoming a fashion photographer

Bruce Weber is an ace fashion photographer from the USA and an eminent filmmaker who is known for his iconic images of capturing the male body during the 1980s. In fine art and fashion, his casual photographs of the athletic and handsome youth of the USA redefined the modern perception of the male body.

He was born in Greensburg, P.A, on the 29th of March 1946 and studied at the New York University before he started his career in commercial photography. He has worked on multiple fashion campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Versace. He has also done some editorial work for Vanity Fair, Life, and Vogue. His films include Let’s Get Lost (1988) that is a novel-like documentary dedicated to the troubled life of Chet Baker, the famous jazz trumpeter. He currently lives and works in Miami, Florida.

No limits on creativity for your fashion shoot

According to him, fashion photography is a niche that does not have a strict definition, unlike other types of photography. There are restrictions when it comes to creativity, and you are free to shoot whatever you want to. The key to good fashion photography is to create a good story. This niche is the makeup, clothes, and accessories that the model wears to create this story. At the same time, as a photographer, you need to offer a glimpse into the world that you have imagined with a unique perspective with your fashion shoot.

Create a unique style and story

The fundamental element of fashion photography for a professional is how can he/she translate the story with a visual appeal and apply a creative style to a specific idea. With the passage of time, you will find out precisely the right kind of stories you would like to create and shoot. To create the perfect story, you should develop the ideal lighting ambiance with the subject manner. If you are able to do this, your photos come alive with a life of their own.

Planning for the fashion shoot in advance

Planning for the fashion shoot is important. You need to ensure everything is in place. The models should be present, and their clothes and makeup should sync well with the photographs you take. You can imagine the sort of stories you would like to shoot to ensure your photographs turn out in the way you had expected. This alleviates much of the stress. Moreover, you can reduce mistakes as well.

According to Bruce Weber, one should work on experimentation and exploration. They are indispensable and crucial elements of fashion photography. You should also have a good team to back you up during long fashion shoots. A good photographer will have good communication skills to ensure the shoot goes smoothly without hassles at all.

Eugene Bernshtam – What are the Qualities of a Good Architectural Design

Eugene Bernshtam – What are the Qualities of a Good Architectural Design

Architects need to ensure the design of a building is both functional and aesthetically appealing at the same time. To attain this goal, they must have a checklist for specific attributes to ensure their design process meets the desired quality standards and is sustainable to last for a very long time. Every architect needs to consider these qualities of an excellent design to ensure the projects they undertake are successful.

Eugene Bernshtam – Understanding the architectural design process 

Eugene Bernshtam from the USA is a project manager fond of design, entrepreneurship, music, and arts. According to him, when it comes to the design process of architecture, one must look into the following attributes-

  1. Sustainability- Sustainable design is now simple to talk about than in the past, mainly when the construction of buildings and the processes involved emitted a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

 Today, the scenario has changed, and sustainable construction processes have entered the arena. They are safe and protect the environment in a better way. So, architects who wish to incorporate good design in their projects need to ensure that the building construction process practices are sustainable and safe for the environment.

  1. Accessible- The design process is not good if it is available to just a chosen few. In the USA, there are detailed codes for buildings. It dictates that the environment built should also be accessible for people with disabilities. So at times, one must look beyond the minimum building code standards.
  1. Functional- The design of the building should be helpful. Keep in mind this simple trait of the design process. Though it does seem simple, it is one of the most complex attributes to attain. For instance, take the example of Apple as a company. Their products look outstanding; however, they use hardware and software that is simple and easy at their core. This helps them to surpass the competition in the market with their products.
  1. Well-constructed- Architects, in reality, do not construct anything in the building design process. They give instructions on how the building should be built for the workers to follow. Moreover, most of the time, the structure workers have no communication or interaction with the architect. They follow his instructions, and importantly, they must be simple enough to understand so that the building is constructed successfully.
  1. A social benefit to the community- One must note that every form of architecture is indeed public and open to society. So, an architect has the responsibility to look within and beyond the walls of the buildings to ensure it is beneficial for everyone.

According to Eugene Bernshtam, the design process should be affordable. However, this is often the most challenging element for architects to achieve. This is where an architect needs to focus on entrepreneurship. It is here that an upfront investment should be made so that it is an affordable solution for the future occupants of the business as well.

Nelson Partners – Student Housing and The Opportunities for Regular Income

Nelson Partners – Student Housing and The Opportunities for Regular Income

Student housing is becoming widely popular in the real estate market primarily because it generates a high income and is resilient to the economic downturn. Many students either study associate degrees that take two years to last or pursue an undergraduate degree that takes five years to end. They generally extend their student housing terms if they want higher education, like getting their master’s or their doctorate degrees. If you look at the duration requirements for the above college degrees, this means students are tenants for the long run.

Nelson Partners explains why it is wise to invest in student housing

Nelson Partners was founded in 2018 by Patrick Nelson, a skilled professional in the real estate market with 14 years of valuable experience under his belt. This privately-owned company specializes in the student housing industry and its property management. According to the team of experts here, many landlords who do not belong to the student housing industry have a challenging time listing their rental properties. However, this problem does not persist when it comes to student housing, as students generally stay on the property for a long time until they complete their studies.

Car spaces are not mandatory

Since most tenants live close to the college or the university, they do not have to drive a car. Some students cannot even afford a car, and this is a huge advantage for the landlord as he/she does not need to offer car space to the student.

There is no chance of you losing your income

Student housing investment according to Nelson Partners also means there are no chances of you losing your whole source of income as there will always be students occupying your property. Unlike the other forms of rental businesses, you get the chance to retain some portion of your income as there are always sufficient students staying on your property.

The biggest advantage about student apartments is that even when some students finish their studies and leave, other students remain in the property, and landlords still receive their rents. It surely is a huge advantage for owners of private properties that rent out their whole home to a family. When the family leaves, there is no income left for the landlord.

Of course, having fewer vacancies is not ideal for a landlord; however, this does not mean that you will lose your income. You still will have some income that will be generated due to the remaining students paying their rent to you.

Less delinquency over other forms of real estate

Investments come with risks, and you cannot assume that student housing is a guarantee, but it does come close to one. For instance, when you have irresponsible students who escape their financial obligations, you always have their parents to fall back on when it comes to the collection of rents.

It is not uncommon for them to sign agreements to protect your payments. However, at the same time, there are a large number of students who are responsible and pay their rents in time.