Ashwin Khubchandani – What Factors Should Street Photographers Consider When Selecting a Camera?

Ashwin Khubchandani – What Factors Should Street Photographers Consider When Selecting a Camera?

Most professional photographers find street photography one of the most rewarding sub-categories of photography. They strive totake captivating photographs documenting people who go about their daily lives in urban settings. However, taking such exciting pictures of these individuals with attracting unnecessary attention is never easy for them. The photographers need to be hardworking, patient, and bold enough to approach and take photographs of strangers. They alsoneed to learn how to respond quickly and react instinctively to get the best photos to mesmerize their audience. Above all, they should know how to select and buy the right camera equipment.

Ashwin Khubchandani is a prominent travel photographer from Americawhose expertise is in street photography. He has the privilege of visiting more than 60 countries around the world. He has an elite clientele who finances all his journeys.He takes pictures of exotic destinations and landmarks they love to see during these trips. However, he loves re-visiting Hong Kong, a second home after the United States. The vibrant city’s prominent landmarks, people, and cuisine never fails to captivate him. He also considers himself among the few lucky people who can turn their passion into a lucrative profession.

According to him, street photographers can choose from a wide range of point-to-shoot, rangefinder, mirrorless, or digital single-lens reflex cameras in the market.Each of these camerashas its unique specializations and features. However, they should consider the following factors when selecting the right one for their specific needs:

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  • Camera size

Photographers specializing in street photography need to be discreet and blend in with the crowd. They find a small, compact, and portable camera like the rangefinder version more comfortable to carry than digital single-lens reflex (DSLN).These cameras have uniqueshutters that do not emit a loud noise, unlike DSLN ones. The cameras also have a large viewfinder, allowing the photographers to set the appropriate frame guidelines.

  • Lens

The lensis a critical component in any camera because it influences the photographers’ quality of snapshots. It should enable them to take photos of individuals in a particular frame without their knowledge.Street photographers will want the type of lens which provides a broad view range. They only have to adjust field depths, zone focusing, and focal length for specific aperture/distance combinations.

  • ISO

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a feature that adjusts the camera’s sensitivity to various kinds of light. Street photographers often need to alter a camera’s ISO settings to get a good photograph.When taking pictures in well-lit scenarios, they have to reduce the ISO settings to the camera’s image sensor receiving the exact amount of light. Similarly, they increased the ISO modules when taking photos in areas with dimlight.

According to Ashwin Khubchandani, street photographers often have to take photos spontaneously whenever they get the opportunity. They need a compact camera with a lens having broad view range capabilities and necessary ISO settings. It should be portable enough to carry wherever they go and within their budget. Then, they can get value for money.

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