An Overview Of Industrial Electronic Equipment

An Overview Of Industrial Electronic Equipment

If you are not aware then you should be knowing that various industrial electronic components are widely used in the building of electronic circuits. So, without this industrial electronic equipment, the designs of the circuit will never be completed.

What are the components of the industrial electronic equipment?

  • Integrated circuits
  • Capacitors
  • Resistors
  • Diodes
  • Rectifiers
  • Vacuum tubes
  • Transistors

An overview of the various types of Industrial Electronic components and parts:

Transistors: you must be knowing that transistors are considered to be the most crucial parts of an electronic circuit. These components are used as amplifiers and switching devices. Moreover, the commonly used material in these transistors is silicon because they are tolerant of the temperature and also the manufacturing price is lower. These transistors are used in several applications. Wondering what these include?

  • Transistors in calculators and computers
  • Transistors in hearing aids
  • MOSFET transistors

Resistors: an integrated circuit contains a resistor and these are graded depending on the values of their resistance and power ratings. You can use resistors to control both voltage and current in your circuit. Well, you might have come across the numerous uses of resistors but the most common ones include the following:

  • Managing the flow of the current
  • Division of the voltage
  • Networks of the resistor and capacitor

Inductors: famously known as a reactor, the inductors are considered to be passive components of the circuit which consist of two terminals. Energy is stored in the device in its magnetic field which is then returned to the circuit when necessary. You might be aware of the various uses of the inductors. Here, in this article, we have listed out a few industrial applications of the inductors which are stated below as follows:

  • Ferrite beads
  • Transformers
  • Energy storage
  • Inductors as chokes
  • Induction motors and storage of energy

Relays: this is an electromagnetic switch that helps in opening and closing of the circuits electronically. So, if you have to operate a relay, you need to make sure you have a small current. Usually, low currents are regulated with the help of relays in a control circuit. But you can also control higher electric currents with relays. There are different types of relays which are commonly used in industrial applications and they include:

  • Thermal relays
  • Automatic reclosing relays
  • Protective relays

There are many applications of relays and the common ones include traffic control systems, home appliances, automobiles, telecommunication and much more. If any faults occur in the distribution of power then that can easily be detected by relays.

Capacitors: you will find different varieties of capacitors but the most commonly used are ceramic disk and electrolytic. You are going to find capacitors in timer capacitor applications and filter capacitor applications.

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