All you need to know about Cigars

All you need to know about Cigars

Cigars are one of the most commonly used stylish types of fermented tobacco. It is rolled up and dried form of tobacco which you must have seen quite often in movies or TV shows when a gangster or a mafia lit up and smoke. It is considered to be highly priced and showcases wealth and business. In more simple terms it is a rolled up tobacco in which one end is lit with fire while the other is the opening by which smokes enter the mouth. The tobacco used in the cigar is also quite special and its flavor is considered to be rich and deep. It is grown in the countries like Mexico, Cuba and Brazil. The best varieties of cigars are Cuban cigars which lit a tight and large wad of smoke and leaves. Cuban cigars are considered to be highly priced and experts content that Honduran cigars are easily the rival of Cuban cigars.

How Cigars made?

Cigars are considered to be very expensive and usually confined to banquets where smokers are held. Choice of tobacco leaves makes a cigar. It is made with a combination of heat and shade. This serves to lower the leaves, water and sugar content without causes leaves to rot. Once it is dried, they are slowly processed to fermentation. With time, controlling temperature and humidity, the leaves ferment without rotting. In such crucial period, the flavor and aroma builds into the cigar. Once the process of fermentation is complete, the leaves are sorted to decide whether it will be used a wrapper or a filler.All you need to know about Cigars

The later on, the leaves are kept moist and handled. As soon as the leaves are sorted out, a cigar maker rolls them into a shape and then sold in market. The flavor of the cigar depends mainly on the wrapper and filler used for making it. The final color of the product could be very light in shade, more brownish and greenish and known as double claro or black grown in Cuba or Brazil. The color of the wrapper decides its color. Most cigars are made up of fillers where smoking tobacco leaves are bundled together by binders and some of them are mixed with various tastes in order to give different shapes and tastes.

Where to find best Cigars?

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