Adopt the survival facts of ancestors for longevity

Adopt the survival facts of ancestors for longevity

We have traveled a long distance from century to century towards the way of development. But, we left a lot of important things while continuing to explore the luxuries. The America, one of the most powerful countries of the world, is not always like as is now. The forefathers had a lot to share for basic and important ideas of survival to the offspring during famines or other natural calamities. In the Book “The Lost ways”, writer Claude Davis spent quality time with his grandfather to get the knowledge of hard time survival.  And not only his grandfather’s, but he had collected the facts from other people of his age who taught him the method of food storage, medication, and water preservation of older times.

We may think that we have developed a lot on our own but that’s not the truth. Our ancestors left behind the ideas and the same we are applying in more scientific way. They had their own style of preserving things for longer time and also the knowledge of food types which can be preserved for years. Those practices can still be used.


How can the book help someone with older ideas of survival?

There are things which may get completely eradicated if not pass on to the next generation. America has reached the highest degree of development and if the ideas of our ancestors or grandparent’s will not be compiled in scripted form, it may get lost and the next generation will never get to know this part of history.

What are the facts and ideas our ancestors left behind?

In previous days, when science was not much developed, the people were quite hard working and were also aware of saving not money but the basic necessities of keeping them alive. The making of tasty and healthy food with the minimum available resources, underground shelters to cheat the deadly storms, preserving clean water etc. is some basic ideas which may get vanished if ignored.

In the first instance The Lost Ways may give an antiquated experience but in continuation one can easily recognize that what has been left behind in the due course of development. The book reveals that how nature’s gift can be used wisely to avoid the disasters. The book’s author following the same with his family and suggest sticking to the ideas of our ancestors for longevity.

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