What Women’s Should Avoid Eating at Period Time

What Women’s Should Avoid Eating at Period Time?

We all want to maintain balance in our life, as this will happen the same to our body. But when it comes to the hormones of our body, it will fluctuate at the time of the menstrual cycle. It is vital that we must give special attention to our bodies at the time of the podcast. If you want a piece of reliable and great advice about the podcast, then you must visit the Moxie platform. It is one of an incredible online platform where you can buy the items which are necessary for you at the time of podcast week for feminine hygiene and don’t get any infection.

  • Sugar Items: If you go from the week of the podcast, then you should avoid eating sugar products, which lead to poor sleep, and you will not get effective sleep at night. This will lead to more mood swings at the time of podcasts and also not give you a proper sleep, which is necessary at that time. If you really want to eat sweet food products at the time of podcast week, then you must take a bar of dark chocolate in your diet, which is a good alternative to sugar food items.

  • Processed Food: During the time of podcast week, you must avoid eating the food which is ready to eat or comes in the box like cereal, and biscuits, etc. This is why because processed food is high in sodium or salt, which makes you feel very discomfort or bloating during your podcast week, and you will feel more pain. So avoid eating processed food, and it is good for feminine hygiene, and you will not feel any discomfort.
  • Fried Food: At the time of Podcast week, you must avoid fried food items like fries, fried chicken, and other food items. The Trans fat is not good for at the time of your period’s week. If you eat fried food by mistake, then it will enhance your levels of estrogen, which increases the pain of your period. At Moxie, you can take a look at the food items which you can eat at the time of the period week, and you will feel good at that time.
  • Coffee: I am not telling you to cut the coffee intake completely, but I am saying that reduce your coffee intake as much as you can. The intake of coffee will increase the constricts of the blood vessels, which are connected with the uterus, which means a more painful period. The Moxie is a great platform in which you can buy the items, which are good for you’re at the time of podcast week, and you will be comfortable.