Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Kind of Badminton Stringing

Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Kind of Badminton Stringing

If you play badminton regular basis or you are attached with the sport for a longer period, you must be well acquainted with the fact that choosing the right kind of badminton string for your racket is essential as it plays a great role on the game. Even wrong type of badminton stringing may affect your performance. Now, how you should string your racket that depends on the style of your playing badminton.


For example, when a stroke or rally player chooses badminton stringing for him or her, it must be different from the attacking player’s badminton stringing.

When you are in Toronto and going to string your racket, you should look for a reputable company that provides the service of badminton stringing Toronto. However, you need to follow certain consideration yourself such as-

  1. Diameter of the string
  2. String tension

When you opt to choose badminton string, its diameter varies within the range of 0.66mm to 0.7mm. If you choose thicker strings, those will be more durable, but less powerful. Therefore, they will produce less solid sound during your play.

On the contrary, if you choose thinner diameter of the strings, they will be less durable, but power powerful, hence they can produce nice solid sound. So choosing thinner badminton stringing should be good for your game, though they cannot last longer time. Since they can break anytime, you will have to spend your money again for changing the strings. If you truly focus on your performance of the game, you should invest on thinner diameter stringing without compromising about the quality of the stringing.

For a badminton player, making the decision about right string tension is very vital equipment decision. In earlier days, all the racquets used to make of the same material (wood) following the same shape for the head and same stringing at 15 lb. But now with the advancement of technology, stringing choice has become complex.

Now the recommended range of stringing tension varies from 15 to 24 lb. In one hand, the players are getting the opportunity to make more mistakes by choosing the wrong stringing tension; on the other hand, they are getting the right opportunity to tune the racquet in accordance of his playing style.

How to Choose Right String Tension

The fundamental equation about string tension is-

Lower string tension= More power

Higher string tension= More control

Whether you should choose low of high string tension for your racquet that depends on the style of your playing. Just like the stiffness of the racquet’s shaft, string tension performs in the same way.

Remember that all racquets do not support high string tension. Therefore, when you are looking for the right kind of badminton stringing Toronto, you need to enquire of the stronger if your racquet supports the high stringing tension.

One thing you must remember about badminton stringing that if you ever face snapping of the strings while playing badminton, you need to cut the rest of the strings from your racket as soon as possible in order to avoid the damage of the racquet. When one string breaks the line, an uneven balance in the string tension produces and it may harm the frame.

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