The three most common types of ribbons that are high used for different purposes

Ribbons for a lot of people is a staple not just for decoration and accessory to your home or anywhere you want it to tie on. In fact, there are tons of uses for ribbons for different reasons and there are tons of styles, designs, and the colors that you can choose from.

Finding the right type of ribbon is actually overwhelming for some knowing that there are different types of it that you can buy in the market and that would totally ruin your package, your present, or anything that you want to tie with it if you pair it wrongly, so you have to identify the different types of ribbons and its suggested uses so that you can easily pair it with the best item you want to tie it on.

Everything that is tied with a ribbon is something special, especially presents and gifts, while some are for packaging for different industries while some are for accessories for fashion, regardless of the use of the ribbon, you have to check out the list of the different types of ribbons that you can use below courtesy of the best ribbon supplier online in Australia.


  1. Ribbons used to wrap presents- Usually, the green leaf pull bow decorations that you see in gifts are probably the most popular type of ribbon because people buy it to tie it to their boxes of presents and gifts. It is also a very good idea in keeping different types and colors on hand, which includes a few which are appropriate for different holidays and themed affairs. Practically, all the ribbons are good for gift-wrapping, however, each type also lends its own special appearance and feel. The raffia and paper ribbons are the best for food items that are wrapped while the cloth, the lace and the braided cords are the best for expensive and elegant gifts. There are already pre-made adhesive bows and ties that you can buy instantly if you do not how to tie a ribbon for the presents you are wrapping.
  2. Ribbon used as accessory for fashion– The fabric embossed ribbon are just one of the few things that are very good looking ribbons that are tied around the base of a ponytail or hair woven into braid. In fact, it is very popular for a lot of girls to tie a ribbon on their hair regardless of their age because a well-placed and a well-tied ribbon always make a plan hairstyle more adorable and appealing which gives girls a more elegant hairstyle. The fabric used for this type of ribbon are usually grosgrain and lace, or the stretchy ribbons which are the best choices for every girl’s hair. Usually the color coordinates with the color of the clothing or the wardrobe of the girl that ties a ribbon to her hair.
  3. Ribbons for crafting– Just like for gift-wrapping, there are ribbons that are used for different purposes depending on what craft you are making which will dictate the type of material of the ribbon that you are using. For flower decoration, usually the ribbon used for it is the lightweight fabric material or the papier-mâché material or the raffia which are the Best Ribbons To Buy.