Eco-Healthy Child Careis a national program that workstogether with different child care professionals in orderto eliminate every environmental health hazards found within or aroundthe child care buildings. These hazards if not eliminated can deteriorate the health of a child. The health of your child is important and as such, thus taking yourchildren to a school that puts yourwards health as the top priority is vital. You can get such school in Bartram Academy. Weoffer good childcare and St. Johns preschools programs. You can trust your children with us, even the ones as young as six weeks for full-time or part-time daycareeducation. Our school is one of the best preschools in Jacksonville Floridawith our noteworthy teaching and learning experiencespecially offered your child. The eco friendly daycare is offered by our school, so the safety of your child is guaranteed. Getting your child the right program at Bartram Academy at any age is done with ease.

eco friendly daycare

What we do to make your children healthy

We are interested in the chemicals and other harmful exposure in the school environment. Knowing them, helps Bartram Academy to set up proper protection procedures for the health of your children. Our foods are natural, organic, fresh or fresh-frozen and we do not accommodate syrup, dyes in the meal at our school no matter how small it might be. With these, obesity at young age is properly watch and low self-esteem and depression are eliminated. Smartness is the result of sending your children to us today. Our usage of essential oils in classrooms has made us appear on news station, the St. John, and News4jaz. There is no usage of bleach or harmful chemicals within the school environment, only good and harmless smells are allowed. We apply different methods for the health of our children such as the usage of on Guard for germs and lavender to assist the children to sleep. The life and health of the children is our first priority, so we do everything possible to provide them a safe environment to learn.


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