The Basics of designing an e-commerce website

The Basics of designing an e-commerce website

Ever wondered what went into the making of amazon or eBay which made them household names in the ecommerce domain? Exactly what was it about their designs which have compelled so many of us to spend minutes, nay, hours even when we had no intention of shopping? Is it the wide variety of products listed on them, or the simplistic layout of the website, or the attractive way in which the products are displayed? Actually, it’s a mix of all.
Successful components of an ecommerce design.

WebdesignThere are a few basic requirements for an online shopping site without which it can never take off. For instance, a website designed for small scale sellers and businessmen can consist a maximum of 20 to 30 pages in all. There can be unlimited insertions of products and the website design should be such that payment gateway forms, image gallery, query forms or blog setup are part of a theme that can be customized.A lot depends on the matter of the website and the age group of visitors that are more likely to haunt this platform in search of new and exciting things. For instance, websites selling video games, play stations and game CDs should make sure they have everything and more that a typical teenager wants to look at when he enters the site. Customization is therefore the only key ingredient when it comes to website design.

Like any successful website, a successful ecommerce website can be built is the designer is really keen on finding out how his designs have been doing. Evaluation of one’s own work and seeking feedback and sure shot ways of designing an effective ecommerce website. The cycle of design ends only when the designer evaluates his work in a bid to figure out if there are areas in which he could have done better. A good eye which points out mistakes in one’s own work not only helps the Website Design be flawless, but also promotes the artist’s work and helps him gain recognition in the process.

The final successful angle in making a strong ecommerce website is to opt for a web designer. Mostly what happens is that clients often opt for a graphic designer thinking that they complement each other. But the truth is that there are very few designers who can bridge the chasm between print and web based projects. The last element in this field is technological advancement. An expert of design constantly needs to stay updated with the latest trends in technological advancements and tricks of the trade. Web designers should dedicate a few hours every week to educate themselves about new technologies and trends if they want to build a successful ecommerce website and stay ahead of competition.

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