Some useful tips to make your skating an easier one

Ice skating is the amazing play, which is the act of moving on ice with the help of skates, the ice skating can be done for a wide variety of reasons that includes the exercise, traveling and various sports. This game is played on both the artificial surfaces that includes the tracks, parks, etc., which is played in both indoors as well as outdoors, and also in the natural surfaces that are made up with the frozen water, that includes the ponds, rivers and lakes. Skating is considered to be the fun sport, but that requires the player to be very cautious because this game has several risks that are involved in it. The first thing that is considered while doing the ice skating is to have the pair of good ice skates handy, which can be bought either as a new pair or it can be hired from the shop or the skating centers.

Some tips for having the skates:

There are some tips to be considered while buying the ice skates. They are as follows:

  • The skates should be perfect it should beneither too tight nor too loose, so that the chances of falling down can be lessened.
  • While skating one should avoid seeing down, this is because the player may lose his stability with the floor if he sees down while skating. Similarly, the player should keep his head high so that you can reduce the chances of falling down.
  • Another thing that is to be followed is avoiding leaning back, this is because leaning back will make the player to fall on your back that may hurt you severely. It is recommended to keep the knees bent so that the body weight is dropped in the forward direction.
  • If you want to stop your skating, then you have to bend your knees and have to turn your toes in the inward direction and also point your heels out, doing this will help you slow down and help stopping the skating.
  • The best skating is possible only if you do it in the clockwise direction.