Procedure to securely access your coinbase account

Logging in to online sites has required similar details. Potential users of a particular site or platform cannot log in without signing up or setting up an account. In most cases, email addresses, names, and passwords are the top requirements. This is the case with Coinbase login.

Users have to set up an account to access the exchange services offered by Coinbase. After setting up an account, users are good to buy, sell and trade on the platform with more than 35 million users. However, you have to pass the identity verification procedure to freely access your secure account. There are levels to verify identity on the exchange platform:

  • Mobile Number Verification user’s mobile number can be verified to unlock opportunities of investing in crypto up to a certain amount. Secret code can be sent to the user’s mobile number. The code can be entered on the site to finish the mobile number verification level. Verify the mobile number successfully by entering a correct secret code.
  • ID Verification and receiving of bitcoins into a personal Coinbase wallet requires a verified ID on the platform. Coinbase website and app offer wallets for various famous cryptocurrencies.
  • Personal Info Verification level guarantees users with convenient use of their funds. Users with verified personal details enjoy unlimited transfer of their funds in and out of the Coinbase account. They can also trade, sell and buy coins on the website and application.
  • Authentication offers its users additional security features that can be used optionally. 2FA is found under the settings tab. Users who use this feature are required to add the personal mobile number. This enables the Coinbase account holder to use a secret code to access the Coinbase account.  Coinbase login will require a secret code to access the account. Other security features are “Security Key” and “Authenticator App.”