Practical Guide In Choosing A Wedding Venue

Practical Guide In Choosing A Wedding Venue

Above all else, picking the right wedding venue is a big deal, especially if you are on a budget. Venues can be very expensive! But you need to choose the best that you can afford because this is a game-changer on your wedding day. The process of finding the right venue can be an overwhelming process. How can you possibly find a venue that you can afford, you like, and is convenient for all your guests?

For sure there are plenty of corporate, wedding & function venue to choose from, but you need to take a look at the guide below if you want to stay on your budget:

Draft Your Budget

Before anything else, draft a budget! You might be offered a good deal, but don’t sign a contract right away. Do not make rushed decisions because who knows, you will still find better options? You might end up choosing a venue that you like and can make your guests comfortable, but realize that you do not have enough funds left for the other expenses that you need to take care of.

Prepare A Venue Research Spreadsheet

This might sound complicated, but it is actually very easy to make. This spreadsheet can help you track all of the research results that you are doing for wedding venue ideas. This way, you can organize it and review the details. Here’s the data that you will need when you are doing your research about a particular venue:

  • Name of venue
  • Location
  • Maximum capacity
  • Available dates
  • Venue type (hotel, restaurant, historical, garden, beach, etc.)
  • Caterer
  • Rates
  • Restrictions
  • Parking and transportation options
  • Extra facilities
  • Website (for photos of the venue)

corporate, wedding & function venue

Rough Estimate Of The Total Cost

Once you have already done your research for a couple of venues, then go back to your details and find out which of them offers the best deal. Try to compute everything so that you will have a rough estimate of how much is it going to be depending on the size of your event, as well as the extras that you would like to add.

Take The Time To Visit The Location

As an old adage says, ‘to see is to believe.’ Sometimes websites aren’t telling you the truth. Although many are updating their photos of the venue that they offer online, there are others who use their old pictures and do not care if their websites are updated or not. So once you have decided on the best choices for your wedding venue, take the time to visit and have a look if they are true to what they offer online.


Now that you have everything settled, you have at least two to three choices for your wedding venue, then it is time to decide. When making your choice, always consider the most important factors, especially your budget and the date of your wedding. Choose the venue that offers the best deal.

Weddings should be special. Your tight budget should not stop you from having one. All you need is to be able to identify the most important things that you should have at your wedding. One of them is the venue. Remember that this very special day is just the start of your married life. So make sure that you make it big. Be prepared!

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