How to prepare the steak at home for a delicious party?

Steak is a sliced thin piece of animal flesh mostly referred to pigs and beef. Today it has all kind of steaks like chicken, mutton, goat, fish etc. This type of food is more popular in western countries like America, UK, Australia and many more. Even many of the Asian countries like China and India prefers the fish steak and farm animal’s steak. Almost everybody knows the best steak restaurant across the town. Most of the parties prefer to have the steak but when we try that it will not get the perfect taste as it was prepared in restaurants. Even though we follow the same procedures, perfect timing but something goes wrong which cannot be predicted because we don’t have much knowledge about it. We are just amateurs before the restaurant cook who is a professional.

The professional and the amateurs are deviating from a small care that professional usually don’t forget to do. Professional knows and takes care of meat from the moment it purchased from market and before it served in the best steak restaurant. We just simply purchase from market and cook it. The following care should be taken when you prepare the steak for partying.

  1. Do not throw the steak on the frying pan directly from freezer. The frozen one will be complete solid which does not favor the uniform cooking. So let it permit to be thermally equilibrium with the atmosphere.
  2. Many of the people try frying them directly on the pan. Before frying it, just oil the steak so that it does not stick with the pan and burning of steak can be prevented.
  3. Do not try more number of steaks at a time. Make sure enough space is available between the two steaks so that heating will be uniform throughout the steak.
  4. Do not fry the steak more than six minutes. If you do this, the fluid that contains fat will come out which lessen the taste. And keep the steak in the pan after switching of the fire. At the pan temperature it will be maintained to settle the fluid throughout the volume of the steak.