How to Practice Having an Environmentally Safe B&B

How to Practice Having an Environmentally Safe B&B

By operating an environmentally safe bed and breakfast, not only will your guests admire your effort, but it might encourage them to practice going green when they get back home.

It’s very important to make others aware of the benefits of going green so that together we can make a difference and conserve our precious, natural resources as much as we possibly can.

So how can we practice going green?

Homemade cleaning products

First, you can eliminate harsh chemicals by preparing a homemade cleaning product with ingredients like baking soda, lemon, vinegar, and so on.


Next, you can add plants to the inside of your inn.

In the event that you do expose others to harsh chemicals, plants will naturally absorb those chemicals in addition to looking beautiful.

Eliminate plastic water bottles, paper towels, paper plates, and plastic silverware

Instead of purchasing water bottles, you only need to make a one time purchase of a water purifier to connect to your kitchen faucet.

Rather than providing guests with paper towels or napkins, invest in cloth napkins like you see in restaurants instead. They will look fancier, last longer, and don’t have to go in the trash after one use.

As far as dishes are concerned, do not purchase paper plates or plastic silverware. Let your guests eat off of real dishes. They will feel more at home and you will save money over time.

Go paperless

Plan on emailing receipts and other documents instead of printing them.

In case you do have to print something, set your printer to where it prints on both sides of paper so you do not use unnecessary sheets.


Set up a recycle bin inside and outside; fill it with cardboard boxes, tins, cans, shampoo bottles, glass jars, and so on.

How can we make our guests want to go green?

It’s as simple as having a conversation with them. Explain why you love recycling and let them know it’s easier than many people assume. Your guests are likely to enjoy and appreciate the conversation and will remember their time at your inn.

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