How to make Your Journey memorable From Malaysia to Singapore

How to make Your Journey memorable From Malaysia to Singapore

Although not as romantic and as leisurely as trains, travel by bus to Malaysia is preferred for its comfort and speed. However, as with any other mode of transport, not all buses are created equal, some are better than others — usually in reliability, comfort, and customer service.We shall also assume that your first stop is either the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, or Penang in the north. From both these cities you can easily make your way to any other part of the country. The bus ticket Malaysia is going to be analysed below for you.

By bus from Singapore to Malaysia

Travel by bus to Malaysia from Singapore is a stress-free affair, especially if you settle for the more reliable bus companies. Below are 3 bus operators that I highly recommend:

  1. Aeroline

Love their tagline. And they really do treat you like you were flying on a plane. Many passengers refuses to take any other bus except this one because of the first class treatment they enjoys every time they ‘flies’ with them.They’re also the only bus operator to provide fresh coaches for every run, unlike others which simply reverses direction with new passengers. Their website, in my opinion, is the easiest-to-navigate compared to all the other bus companies.

Aeroline fares:

Singapore – Kuala Lumpur SGD$47

Kuala Lumpur – Singapore RM80

Kuala Lumpur – Penang RM55


  1. NICE

A NICE bus and its luxurious interior, complete with personal TVs.NICE stands for Nationwide Interstate Coach Executive, and their buses are, well … nice. There are 3 different classes to choose from: NICE, NICE ++, NICE 2. For a more economical option, travellers can opt for the basic PLUSLINER. Though not as luxurious and classy, PLUSLINERs still operate on the same level of efficiency as NICE.

NICE fares:

Singapore – Kuala Lumpur SGD55

Kuala Lumpur – Singapore RM80

  1. Odyssey. ‘Miles ahead of expectations’

Or so their tagline claims. Being a new bus company, they seem to be doing all the right things. Luxurious, comfortable and they even provide a personal TV with headphones for a quiet journey. The crew is friendly, the food good and the driver generally keeps to a safe speed. Punctuality is another one of their traits. Not much to complain about if you should to travel by bus to Malaysia with them.


SG – KL: SGD50 (peak period SGD60)

KL – SG: RM80 (peak period RM95)




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