Features of Invoicing Software

Below we have listed the best features of the best free online invoicing software.

  • Creation of New Invoice – The clean and professional invoice can be created and customized which can match your brand. The system can be integrated with the timesheets, projects and the customer records. The data from all this system can be extracted easily.
  • Creation of Customer Records – All the customers personal and the purchase information can be stored in the centralized database and all the relevant files can be attached. There is also search option is available which will filter out the customer records.
  • Processing of Credit Card – Time can be saved by the use of the invoicing suite. This will also facilitate the billing by promptly processing the credit cards. This will also allow you the secure customer management and the recurring billing. There are systems where the auto-billing is also enabling for the credit cards so that the client would not miss any of the due payment.
  • Predefined Templates – The look of invoices and the bill is very important with their accuracy. For this reason, there are predefined and the professional communication templates are available in the system. You will able to personalize this as per your accounting and this will also allow you to carry your brand. A lot of time would be saved with this.
  • The setting of Multiple Currencies – You will be able to connect your invoicing and the billing system seamlessly with rest of the architecture of the software. It is very similar to your basic operation of the finance. For issuing the receipts, managing taxes and accepting payment there is the setting for multiple currencies. It is also very vital for the business that is having the global operations.
  • Send/Receive Information – This function is allowing you for sending the quotes quickly to the customers. There is the availability of the centralized database where all the information is stored and then when required it can be easily available. Similarly, the required information can also be sent to the needed.
  • Payment, Invoice and tax report – A best free online invoicing software will eliminate the need for use of the external systems for the reporting of tax and it can allow you to perform this within the same system without losing any of the hours for summarizing the information. The tax report can also be easily calculated as all the required information are available in single place.