FAQ From North Shore Vet Hospital in Sydney

FAQ From North Shore Vet Hospital in Sydney

Most of us love having pets whom we could cuddle and play with. We feel sick worried too if they are not feeling well and some are afraid of losing them as one of their best friends. If the human beings have doctors, the animals have also one and that is the veterinarians. Veterinary medicine has been around the world since the emergence of the coexistence and companionship between the men and animals.

This proves that animals are also a very important part of the world, and without them, we will have an imbalanced ecosystem. Through the years, vets have many medicine and other treatments in taking good care of their sick animals or pets. It appears that it is very necessary to us to keep on providing the best possible treatment to our pet friends in giving them importance, love and care.


North Shore Vet Hospital, one of the most reputable animal hospital in Australia, features exceptional facilities and services for your beloved pets. Are you newcomer or just getting another member for your family? No worries at all.  They are happy to welcome you in their hospital.  Here are some FAQ from North Shore vet hospital in Sydney:

How can I establish my dog or cat as a new patient?

In order for us to identify your pets as patients, you must setup a consultation session with one of our vets. You may call us at our phone number for an appointment or simply drop by on our place. We are looking forward on your first visit.

Do you require appointment?

 To be sure enough that we see each of the schedule appointments right on time, we choose you to set up an appointment to see you with your beloved pets. We do accommodate walk-ins right between scheduled appointments. However, we can never guarantee how many hours they need to wait. Aside from that, we also provide emergency services especially on regular working hours. For your convenience, please arrive earlier for the paperwork. Also, make sure that we’ve received your pet’s previous records.

Do I need to be your client when I just need a refill for preventions and medications for my pet?

Definitely. We need a patient-doctor relationship for us to fill the medication for you furry friends. That only means that you have to visit us at least once a year. Through this, we can know you as the owner, your pet and the right thing, which suits them.  No such medication and prevention that doesn’t have any side effect. With us, you can be at ease because we only recommend the best one.


Do I have to provide my pet’s record ahead of time?

For your information, this is not needed for an appointment but this is much appreciated and recommended. We need these records be submitted to us before we welcome your pets on board. It is so important for us to get medical and vaccine history to prepare everything and lessen your waiting time.

How much will my visit cost me?

Basically, this can be determined only not until our vet already examine your pets.

How to remove a paralysis tick from a dog?

Before doing anything else, ask us on what to do once you’ve got a tick from your dog. Our vets are trained with the right procedure and can provide you the best solution in getting rid these harmful ticks rather than DIY guides on how to remove a paralysis tick from a dog.

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