Coronavirus Face Masks Use and How to Clean Them?

Coronavirus Face Masks Use and How to Clean Them?

Ever since coronavirus became a pandemic, people have started using face masks in order to protect them from this new virus, which has killed many people in all parts of the world.

As soon as the COVID-19 started spreading, people were desperately looking for all kinds of masks. Due to absence of clear guidance from the health authorities, people started using surgical masks that are generally used by medical professionals.

As a result, there was shortage of masks in the market and finally CDC has recommended using any protective face masks made of fabric material, which you can also make at home by using any cotton cloth.

The spread of virus can be controlled by wearing such face masks, particularly when people need to go shopping at any grocery store, where proper social distancing cannot be easily maintained.

However, it is also important that you must clean these masks regularly so that they can serve its real purpose.

How to clean your mask?

1. You must wash these face masks regularly so that they remain clean. In fact, after every use you must wash them in soap water.

Protective Face Masks

2. Preferably you must use hot water along with any detergent that you normally use in your household and then it must be fully dried up so that if there is any virus present should get killed.

3. Hot soapy water is very important as soap can easily break down the virus protein very effectively.

4. You must also wash your hands with soap before using any new mask.

How to wear masks?

Following are guidelines provided by CDC for wearing of these masks

1. You can make your face masks out of cloth made either in factory or hand-sewn at home, or by using improvised bandannas, T-shirts, scarves, sweatshirts or even towels.

2. Whole mask must cover your nose and mouth.

3. Your face coverings must be washed with soap and hot water after each use. Used and dirty masks must be placed within a laundry bag.

4. Always use hot water and detergent when you wash cloth masks, after that you must dry them on hot cycle.

5. Make sure that your mask is quite comfortable and you need not adjust its position frequently which will need you to touch your face.

6. Always use hand sanitizer or wash your hands before and after you touch your face or the face mask.

7. If you need to wear your face mask again then take a fresh and washed mask and also wash your hands after putting it on and never touch your face.

What should you do to your N95 masks?

Though, as per the latest guidance there is no need of wearing N95 masks for general people however many people still continue to use N95 masks to protect against virus.

You should now switch over to any cloth made masks and in case you have extra numbers of N95 masks available with you then the better thing will be to donate those masks to any hospital, who can make their use properly.

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