Are there any bitcoin giveaways?

Are there any bitcoin giveaways?

As you all know, bitcoin is a digital currency and is the first cryptocurrency ever created in the world. This bitcoin has no central authority that is no one has control over it.

It is like the normal physical currency which can be sent and received in exchange for goods and services. The identity of sender and receiver of the bitcoins are kept anonymous.

Transactions can be made only if both the sender and receiver have digital bitcoins wallets. This wallet is nothing but an application which can be installed in your mobile phones and in computer systems that holds the bitcoins.

The price of bitcoins is highly volatile and it has been increasing gradually over the years. The value of 1 Bitcoin while writing this article is 10,016.40 US dollars. With the high price of bitcoins, it is difficult for one to buy it.

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Though they can be earned in a variety of ways, the simplest and easiest method is getting giveaways. Nowadays, many of the websites on the internet are offering social media giveaways like twitter giveaway,instagram giveaway, facebook giveaway and more.

To accept these giveaways, all you have to do is signing up the particular site that is given in the giveaways. When you win a giveaway, you will have the chance to receive $1000 BTC.

The time, rules and regulations and other information you needed to know will be provided in the social media messages. You can also share this message with your friends and relatives so that they will win the bitcoins.

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