Abnormal Pap test result during pregnancy

Abnormal Pap test result during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when a woman is elated and happy. This is the time to be happy and remain relaxed, but pregnancy comes along with various complications. This is mostly due to the change in hormones when a woman conceives. There are many regular tests which are conducted for the expectant mother in order to ensure that both mother and baby is fine. Among these tests there is a Pap smear test which is done for the mothers. The expectant mothers generally find it very distressing to have a Pap smear test.  Now the question is “are abnormal paps common during pregnancy.”

Abnormal Pap test result during pregnancy

The Pap smear test is the procedure to check for cervical cancer in women. This is the vital test in order to check whether there are any chances of cervical cancer. In this test, the cells of the cervix are tested and they also check for any kind of changes in the cells. It is very important to conduct the Pap smear test as it will detect the cervical cancer at a very early stage.

While the woman is pregnant it is important to take this test – the healthcare professional will take the samples of the cells from the cervix and this is then sent to the lab for further tests. In the meanwhile, let us understand more details about cervical cancer.

When you take a look at various studies – you would notice that most of the deaths that are being caused in the US is due to the cervical cancer. But during the last few years – there has been more than 50 percent reduction because women have opted for regular Pap smear tests. Those who regularly take the Pap smear – have all chances of getting the cancer cured as they are detected at a very early stage. Now we also need to check upon the causes of cervical cancer – the most common cause is known as HPV. This can be detected with Pap smear test.

During the abnormal pap spear during early pregnancy when an expectant mother gives a Pap smear test there are all chances that the result would be abnormal. The results of the Pap smear could range from normal to minimal irregular cells and in certain cases it could highly abnormal result. But you need not panic and there is nothing to worry. These abnormal changes in the cervical will not progress at any cost – the simple reason being you are pregnant. There will not be any negative effect on your child because of the abnormal cells. The safety of the expectant mother can be further vouched with the help of a biopsy. The main reason for the abnormal cells is that the amount of blood flow increases in the first trimester of pregnancy and most of the things are normalized soon after the birth of the child.

Now what if it is detected as cervical cancer – then there are treatments and it shall be depending upon the health and stage of pregnancy of the expectant mother. It is very important to start the treatment as the cervical cancer can spread to other areas. Thus, every problem has a solution to it so do not panic if you have abnormal Pap smear tests.

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